Sunday, June 20, 2010 dad...

I love my dad.  Words can't describe how grateful I am that he is my dad.  I'll do my best to tell you just a few reasons why I love my dad, but trust me, there's more than I can list.

I love my dad because...

...he's goofy and cheesy and sometimes embarrassed me around my friends when I was younger

...he is an amazing man of God and always encouraged me in my walk with Christ

...he sends me random letters in the mail to encourage me and remind me that I will always be his little girl

...I know that he and my mom will always believe in me, even when I don't believe in myself

...he let's one of my nephews call him "Owl" even though his name is "Al" (trust me, it's adorable!)

...he never missed a basketball game or a volleyball game, even if it was hard on his work schedule

...he did whatever it took to help me find a way to afford going to Baylor

...he is selfless and has made countless sacrifices for our family

...he calls just to check in and hear my voice

...he gets the short end of the stick A LOT of the time, but he NEVER complains

...he used to always let me get ice cream when I came to visit him at the store

...he is amazing, encouraging, strong and dependable

...he always thinks of others and has a huge servant's heart

...he is an awesome grandpa and ALL of the grandkids LOVE spending time with their Gramps!

...he's my dad, and he's proud of it!

Dad, thanks for always loving me and always encouraging me and always believing in me.  I am so proud to call you my dad and thank God for blessing me with 2 amazing parents! Love you!

Saturday, June 05, 2010

...random thoughts...

...I've enjoyed a bit slower paced weekend, soaking up some chill time before the crazieness of summer hits

...lately I'll be watching the TV in my bedroom and out of nowhere the volume will go all the way up to max, all by itself, like it's possessed or something.  The only thing I can do to fix it is turn the TV off, it won't let me just turn the volume down, weird

...have you heard about the chick-fil-a spicy chicken sandwich?  any feedback about it?

...VBS is just over a week away!!!

...I read a whole novel yesterday! Yup, just grabbed a book and curled up for about 8 hours or so, only stopping for dinner, haven't done that in a long while!

...I need presents for the following: Father's Day, my dad's birthday, my 3 year old nephew's birthday, my sister's 3? birthday, all by the end of VBS

...Rebecca and I were spontaneous and jumped in the car last Sunday and headed to Corpus. We had an amazing time in Rockport with long time family friends, then shopped and hit the beach for a bit on Monday.  Here are 2 amazing pair of shoes that I picked up:
...welp, I think I'm off to try and clean out my closet, gotta get rid of stuff so that I can justify buying more, haha, I kid, I kid (kind of).

Happy June!