Thursday, February 28, 2008

...let me know what you see...

There are supposed to be 3 crosses in the background...I can't see them on my computer at work...can you see them? I'm just wondering, cause I could see them from my computer at home last night, so, let me know...cuz this seasonal theme isn't going to work if people can't see the fun part!

now's where you click the comment button and let me know...

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

...I'm sure you noticed...

unless you are a "google reader" convert, I'm sure you noticed my new template. I saw this site on a friend's (thanks Lauren) blog, so I visited the site ( and was IMMEDIATELY hooked! My plan is to change backgrounds either monthly or, keep visiting to see the new look! Oh, and since I changed my template, I lost all my links...sorry, don't take it personally if you were on the list, I too have switched over to google reader, so you're all on that list, no more links on the side, sorry, a casualty of the new template.

Super Duper: SING this weekend WITH Lillian!!!!
Super Pooper: I left my credit card at the restaurant last night and had to go back to get it at lunch today...oh, did I mention the restaurant was 35 mins away!!!

Monday, February 25, 2008

...since you're dying to know...

10 years ago:
I was in my second semester of my freshman year. All my sisters had gone to college or moved away, I was the only kid at home. I was the captain of the freshman basketball team, had played volleyball the fall before. I think I was in a theater class and was preparing for a play. And had been dating a guy for at least 6 months...hahaha, that was a loooooog time ago....

Things on my to do list today:
(I'm gonna cheat and do tomorrow since it's so late today)
clear off my cluttered up desk at work
dinner with Jamie
go to the bank
pay bills

What would I do if I was suddenly became a Billionaire?
All new cars and houses for everyone in my family, plus a beach house & a house in the mountains.
Several vacations - somewhere with the WHOLE fam, it would have to be kid friendly, maybe Disneyworld, California to see Liesal, Lousiville to see Will & Kristi, Europe, Hawaii, New York...the list goes on, and of course I'd pay for other people to go with me!!
Oh, and of course give generously to my church (pay off ALL our debt from the building & other investments!) and other charitable organizations - for example, support Scott & Abby, Chris & Jess.
Let my mom retire so she could spend time with the grand kids!

Three of my bad habits:
unfortunately, I'm a messy car person!
only drinking 3/4 of a bottle of water and then just leave it sitting around the apt. I usually have an avg of 6 bottles of water sitting or laying around the apt
I eat out WAAAAAAY too much

Five jobs I have had:
Preschool Associate
Children's Ministry Intern (x3)
Glorieta - Preschool Assistant Director
Student Aid Worker in FCS building at Baylor
Waitress at Tony Roma's

Five things people don't know about me:
(this is REALLY hard for me, people already know A LOT abt me)
1. One day I'll feel really fat and unattractive, and the next I'll think I'm pretty cute and quite an average size...go figure, I guess I'm a typical girl...
2. My worst fear is never getting married and having kids
3. I wish I could have taken sign language and photography at Baylor
4. I don't plan on voting, I'm uninformed, and from what I do know, I'm VERY unimpressed with ALL of the candidates...go ahead, judge me if you want to
5. I play computer games - pathetic, I know!

I tag: Rebecca, Teresa, Erin, Janelle - Have fun!

Saturday, February 23, 2008

You know you're old when...

you listen to talk radio in the car...lame, i know, lame!

Monday, February 18, 2008


I made a random stop today, I've had a shopping itch for a few weeks now, and I finally had a few mins and found something worth buying!!! I had originally gone with something Safari in mind. It's all over the place and I thought one new stylish piece would be fun, but no such luck. I tried some "safarish" stuff, but none of it looked or fit right :( But I did pick up a few things! It's nothing terribly exciting, but still, fun new stuff for Spring! Oh, and it was ALL on sale!!!!

yes, its the same shirt, but different colors...hey, it was $9.99!

grrrrr....I can't find pics of the other 2 things I bought! I got 2 little springy jackets for $14.99 each!!! One is navy and kinda water repelent, a cute styled little rain jacket. The other is a khaki double-breasted 3/4 length, hip waisted jacket. Both are cute and fit well, and like I said, GOOD PRICE!!! So, that's it...nothing earth shattering, but still, fun!
Super Duper: almost done with dumb project for my weekend class...
Super Pooper: still have a paper to write for my dumb class this weekend!

Saturday, February 16, 2008


  • I've been re-watching every episode of GG...I'm in the 3rd season!!!
  • lots of school work that I'm putting off, but really need to be doing
  • had a less than thrilling V-day
  • I've had an urge to shop lately...
  • I'll be out of town for the next 4 weekends straight...yikes!
  • I don't get to be a SPARK leader this year
  • I'm annoyed because for 3 years now I've been able to leave my trash at the bottom of the stairs on Mon, Wed, Fri, mornings, instead of taking it all the way to the dumpster...and now, out of nowhere, my apt complex is taking that luxery away, from now on, I'll have to haul all my trash all the way to the dumpster...lame
  • i'm sick of eating out
  • haven't seen ashlyn & cole since Christmas...missing them!!!

Super Duper: spring is just around the corner!

Super Pooper: dirty apartment...I wonder how many times that has been my "Super Pooper" - WAY tooo many to count!

Monday, February 11, 2008

...200th post!!!

Yeop! This is my 200th post!!!
Here's pix of my new fah-bulously decorated office!!! The rents came up this weekend, we did some mad shopping and then hanging of pictures and arranging of furniture and this is how it ended up!!! Needless to say, I'm very well pleased!

view from standing at the door: desk, lamp, "JOY" painting that my friend made for me!!! & office chair, shelves & pictures on wall, vase with tall sticky things in the back, column with metal art thing...notice color scheme - red, black, and ice blue

red microsuede storage bench with 3 zebra print pillows (possibly my favorite part!!!), and book shelf with a few lucky ladybugs that survived the ladybug purge of 2008!

This is the view standing behind my desk. That is a black round swivvle chair on the other side of the desk, with a nice blue raw silk pillow, a plant & plant stand next to it, and yes, that good ole Baylor dipolma found a spot too!!

Well that's it!!! I love it and now it feels like home!

Super Duper: had a fun weekend with my parents here!

Super Pooper: its stormy outside, which would be fine if I were home, but I'm still at work, which means I have to get home in the gross rain, which means there is sure to be traffic, yuck!

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

...things I love (and don't love) about being single...

don't ask me where this came from, I guess I decided it had been a while since I had done a "listing" post...


  • eating whatever I want for dinner, whenever I want it
  • keeping the apt as dirty, or clean (which is rare), as I want
  • getting home from work and immediately putting on my pajamas, even if its only 6:00pm
  • leaving town - traveling whenever I want or need to, and not having to take anyone else's schedule into account
  • spending my own money however I choose
  • pretending that every young single guy I meet might be interested in me
  • sprawling out on my queen size bed
  • waking up on my own schedule
  • watching episode after episode of GG...and nobody says a thing about it!


  • eating dinner alone...night after night
  • having to pay for everything out of my own little salary
  • having to introduce yourself in class and under the "family" category, having to say, "I'm single"
  • not having anyone to vent to when I'm angry, or sad, or just had a loooong day

Well, sadly enough that's all I can come up with. But the good news is the pros outweigh the, that's good!

Super Duper: I'm getting a much needed haircut on Friday!

Super Pooper: I don't get to be a SPARK (Tallowood's Disciple Now) leader this year because I have stupid class in Ft Worth :(

there, I changed the color...are you happy rebs?

Monday, February 04, 2008

...age range???

I always thought I had an age range. Hmmm...maybe some of you don't know what I am speaking in reference know, the range of age of guy that I'd be willing to date. Since I graduated from college, I always have said the guy has to be out of college (you know, different life stages and all...) and that 30 would be the cap. Well, the older I get, the older that age should get, right? Well, anyways, I was in class today, there was this cute guy sitting in front of me. During conversation in class I learned that he was single, graduated from Baylor, and noted he was well dressed. No, I wasn't grilling him, we did the typical "get to know you" profile at the beggining of class. Anywho, after class I thought I'd strike up conversation, couldn't hurt, right? So I asked him when he graduated from Baylor (since we have that in common). I guess subconsciously I had put him in his late 2os, so when he said he graduated from Baylor in '94, I WAS SHOCKED!!! I'm not sure that my facial expression hid it very well either. When he asked me what year I graduated, I suddenly felt like a little girl, answering '04 (a whole decade later). Now, don't get me wrong, 35's not THAT old, I was just taken off guard. I mean, that's older than my oldest sister, she graduated from Baylor in '96, weird to think I was attracted to someone over 10 years older than me!!! hahaha, I actually think the whole thing is funny. And let it be known, if we develop a friendship throughout the course of this class, and if he were to express interest and want to "hang out" some time...I'd be open to that. That's right, I'm open minded! PS - Emily, I thought of you as I wrote this post!

Super Duper: My parents are coming this weekend!
Super Pooper: I've had a weird appetite lately, nothing sounds good, then when I do eat, it doesn't taste right and I just feel all full and gross...