Sunday, February 21, 2010

...update and upcoming...

As you may have guessed from my lack of posting, life's been crazy! Simply crazy!

Quick recap, last Thursday night I saw Miss Saigon with Jamie & her friend Savanah. It was good, the vocals were awesome! Just to keep tabs here's a list of the show's I've gotten to seen in the past 5 years of living in Houston:

Beauty & the Beast - cute
Wicked - by far my fave!
Legally Blonde - cute
Mary Poppins - awesome!
Sound of Music - good, but not great
A Chorus Line - just good
Miss Saigon - moving, sad, sweet story, great vocals

Sorry for the sidenote.

So, then Friday morning, I headed to Waco. I stopped in College Station to have lunch with a friend, which was super fun! I had gotten tickets to SING, so I met Emily, Elaine, my sister Kristy & her daughter Ashlyn in Waco. It was soooo fun to see Ashlyn's reaction to all of the acts! I LOVE going back and seeing it each year! Emily, Elaine & I hit up Common Grounds after the show, which is a MUST when in Waco. We stayed up late talking and catching up, just like old times, it was perfect! The only regret was that we left our cameras in the hotel room, so no picture that night.

We got up rather leisurely on Saturday morning and headed to Cafe Cappuccino for brunch arounnd 10:00. It was super yummy, and just some good girl time! When we were done eating, I got out my camera and said we had to get a pic.  Somehow the girls talked me out of it and said we would get one later.  So then we were off to hit a few of our favorite Waco spots, Sironia and Spice.  I may or may not have made a purchase at each store...oops!  As always, I had to head back to Houston in time for Saturday night church.  It was a quick get together with my girls, but it was soooo good! Oh, and as you may have guessed, I never got that picture, and yes, I blame BOTH Emily and Elaine!

Now, looking ahead to this week, it's going to be crazy madness!

Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday we're having a Revival at church.  It's sure to be great!

Then, this weekend I'm a leader for our youth D-Now weekend, called Spark.  And to add to the ultimate craziness, it's also a baby dedication weekend.  Oh, and remember how my boss just retired?  Yeah, this will be my first baby dedication to be in charge of.  Woohoo! So, here's to surviving the next 7 days!

Don't count on another post this month, see you in March!

Monday, February 08, 2010


Most of you probably forgot that I mentioned a "cliffhanger" a few weeks back.  And some of you may not realize why what I'm about to tell you was such a secret, or such a big deal in my life, or why I baited you with suspense, but if you know me (which I hope you do if you're reading this, if're a creeper!), you know why this is such a big deal for me.

Last Wednesday my boss announced her retirement after 36 years of service as Preschool Minister of Education at Tallowood.  Yeah...that's huge!

So for now, that means my life just got a lot busier! I have more stuff hitting my desk, that's for sure!  I'm excited about the challenge, but know that it will mean that there are hard days up ahead!  So, you can keep me in your prayers.

Welp, now you know!

Thursday, February 04, 2010

...small pleasures in life...

So, tonight my sister & I figured out that it is SUPER easy to make a 3-way call on an iphone.  All you have to do is hit the "add call" button when you are on the line with someone.  Maybe some of you other iphone users are aware of this, but we were super excited, like middle school girls.  Funny, because I remember being in middle school when 3-way first came out and one of my friends had it on their land line and we LOVED using it. 

So we called up my mom and confused the heck out of her! It was awesome.  Then we thought...I wonder if we could add another caller, so we called my oldest sister, Katy, and confused her too! So yes, we had a 4-way call, be jealous.  I have no clue what the limit is on how many callers you can have on the line, but I would love to find out!  Then Katy put her boys on the line and we played a mean trick on them, not telling them we were both (Kelly & I) on the line, but taking turns talking.  They didn't know what to think.  When the 4 year old finally figured it out, he was like, "Hey! You guys tricked me! Y'all are rascals! You guys are turkeys!" It was soooo funny!

We have a new rule now, that whenever someone has an announcement to make, we will have a conference call and tell everyone at once! HOW FUN! I hope I have a fun announcement to make sometime!

Oh, it's the simple things that make me smile sometimes, and I like that!