Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Goings on...

If I were a good blogger, which I think we all know I haven't been for some time, I would take the time to download some pics from as of late. But I'm not on my laptop and it would be too complicated to download the pics, then email them to myself so that I can post them on this post, since I'm using my iPad. What's that you ask? When did I get an iPad...oh I picked one up on Monday. Let me be the first to tell you it's pretty fun! It's pretty amazing the unlimited things it can do!

Ok, ok your guilt trip worked, these aren't the pics I was referring to, but they are my iPhone pics, so you can get a glimpse of the random shots I've gotten lately. Consider yourself blessed, consider me amazing ;)

This is me standing in front of Tony Romo's locker at the new Cowboy stadium. Pretty fun to tour it, but a bit disgusting to think about the money that went into that thing!

We also went in the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader locker room. I spared you from seeing the inside, as it is covered in half naked pics of the girls. Guys, you can leave your thanks in the comment section!

Several weeks ago I hosted 8 7th grade girls at my house for Spark weekend (our church's D-Now). Super fun and exhausting weekend. Here is a pic of my girls collecting cans for the Mission Centers of Houston.

Last weekend I was in Temple with my family celebrating 2 nephews' birthdays. This is a random pic of my precious niece, Macie, that one of the other nephews took, I think.

I had lunch today with a great couple from my church. The place we went has peacocks roaming on the property. This is one of the THREE males that was spreading his feathers for us! So beautiful! When's the last time you saw that?

This one is for my dad. My parents came last weekend to help me spruce up my flower beds. Here is the fruit of your labor, dad! Beautiful azaleas blooming already! Oh, and thanks for planting that tree in the back yard, dad!

That's all I got guys!

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Saturday, March 12, 2011

...rodeo 2011 in pictures...

On the shuttle on our way to get our rodeo on!

Cute new born little piggies!

Love me some sausage on a stick!

It's not the rodeo without deep fried oreos!

Cowgirls on a truck, it doesn't get more Texan than that!

About to go in and enjoy the rodeo festivities and concert!

And that's how we rodeo!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

...8 & 9 and she's ready to resign!

Raqie is rockin it, but she's already a bit weary...I remember the feeling! Hang in there Raq!


Loving this nice salmon top with the cute pleated/ruffled top.  I believe these pants are Raquel's first repeated item.  I believe she wore them on day 1.  I would like to mention that the Raq had her adorable belt twisted at the end, and upon my request, she untwisted it.  What a good little protege.


Quel really classed it up today, after all, she is a professional, ya know!  Oh, and nice implementation of those snazzy purple pumps!  Oh, and I would be remiss if I didn't give a shout out to our guest photog, Rebs! Thanks Rebs, these are great!

Alright Raq, press on, finish up week 2 with a nice strong weekend! I know you have it in you!  We believe in you!  Thanks for keeping it fresh!

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

week in review

That's right, you're getting 2 posts in 1 day! Get excited!

Here is a look at the 7 outfits that Raq rocked:

In other news I thought I would give you a little life update, since it's been a while since I've really posted on here.  For efficiency sake, let's stick with bullet points:
  • My sprinkler system busted in the freeze last month, so I have a guy coming to look at it tomorrow to get it fixed, oh the joys of home ownership.
  • Along the same lines, my parents are coming next weekend.  We are mainly going to be working in my yard.  Not my specialty, but that's why they are coming to help me!
  • I got to go see SING with 2 of my sisters, Ashlyn & Brady:
  • A few weekends ago I hosted 8 7th grade girls at my house for my church's D-Now weekend, Spark!  I've been a leader before, but never a host home! Good times, but man was I exhausted!  I love using my house for things like that! It is truly a gift from God and His to use for His purposes!
  • I'm going to the rodeo on Friday!!! I guess this is my 6th year now??? Fun times will be had!  Pics will follow, I promise!
That's all I've got for now! Happy Tuesday!

...4, 5, 6, pick up stix...

Today you get a combo post.  Let's catch up on what Raquie chose to remix this weekend, shall we?  Great!


Chill weekend look.

Rodeo girl! Your hair is totally rockin' in this pic! Work it girl!

Day 6
Workin' 9 to 5!

Day 7
Adding a ray of sunshine with that nice yellow top for Spring!

Alright, that gets us up to speed.  It's been a full week now, I'm ready to see her start rewearing some items! That's when the real fun begins! No repeats, Raq!

Check ya lata!

Sunday, March 06, 2011

...more pics of Raquie, its day 3!!!

Here is Raquie on day 3!

I love that Raquie's look is so easy and chill on day 3.  She stepped it up with those purple pumps, which I think she'll really like having in her 30.  Purple can tend to be a neutral, especially that shade of purple.  I look forward to seeing how she implements them again! I also have great respect for the variety that the Raq has offered us in her hairstyles. 

Check back later for a weekend update of Raq's days 4,5,6!

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

without further ado, I give you day 2!

Raquel really rose to the challenge today and rocked a very nice outfit.  But then again, it's only day 2! We'll see how she's doing on day 22! I really love that she chose a simple black cardigan, I think she'll be glad she put that in her 30, but that ruffled shirt is also a fun piece that I can't wait to see how she remixes!  I'm already LOVING this 30 in 30 more than the last one.  Maybe it's because I'm not the one doing it...just maybe! ha!

Keep up the good work Raq!

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Another 30 for 30!!

I am SO excited to announce that we will be doing another 30 for 30 challenge here at Day by Day!

I am even more excited to tell you that I AM NOT THE ONE DOING THE CHALLENGE!

My good friend, Raquel, has accepted the challenge!!! She doesn't have a blog, so I'll be posting her pics along with my editorial comments ;)

So, without further ado,

DAY 1:

I particularly like Raquie's accessorizing today. The necklace really ties the outfit together.

Ok, well, I know that's short and sweet, but it's late. Stay tuned, more great outfits to come!