Friday, December 17, 2010

...December in pictures...

Cali with Rebs 2 weeks post surgery!!!

Birthday lunch with lunch bunch...missed you Rebs!

staff Christmas lunch!

 me with my tree in my house ready for the Jr. Staff tacky Christmas sweater party.  Yes, that's a partridge in my hair, yes Rebecca made me a beautiful ornament crossage, inspired by The Office and I'm wearing a garland necklace.  Be jealous, be very jealous!

the whole gang at the party

Friday, December 10, 2010

...27 reflections...

Yup, this week I turned 28!  When I think about the past year, I am overwhelmed by God's faithfulness and the journey He has me on.  So, I thought I would share with you 27 things that my 27th year brought me:
  1. Officially completed seminary (even though I was done with classes in August), diploma printed and mailed to me (December 2009)
  2. Sought God's will for the next phase in my life, learned to trust His guidance and faithfulness!
  3. More gray hairs, seriously, I'm not making this up!
  4. My boss' retirement. (February/March)
  5. Hit up the rodeo with Rebs, Teresa & Cliff to see Brad Paisley in concert (March)
  6. Spring Break trip to San Antonio with the fam. (March)
  7. Saw Baylor boys play in the Sweet Sixteen & the Elite Eight (March)
  8. Saw Baylor girls play in the Final Four in San Antonio (March)
  9. Had a great girls weekend at an amazing lake house! (April)
  10. Walked in graduation for seminary!!! (May)
  11. 2 dear friends moved out of the country (May)
  12. Official interview with Preschool Minister Search Committee (May)
  13. Spontaneous Memorial Day weekend trip with Rebs to Corpus Christi (May)
  14. First VBS without Susan (June)
  15. My sister's miscarriage. (June)
  16. My first year to not attend Camp Tallowood with the youth ministry. (June)
  17. Had final Aunt's Weekend in Dallas (July)
  18. Accept Tallowood's call to become new Minister of Preschool Education. (August)
  19. Austin vacay with Rebs. (August)
  20. Purchase new house. (September)
  21. Unwelcomed dryness under my eyes. (September-ish)
  22. Move in and settle in to new house (September)
  23. The purchase of my first pair of jeggings. (October)
  24. Hosted first partay @ my new house - Hallowii '10 (October)
  25. Participated in my first (and last) 30 in 30 fashion challenge, during NaBloPoMo (November)
  26. My friend, Rebecca's, major life changing surgery. (November)
  27. Trip to San Diego for Reb's surgery. (November/December)
Welp, there's my quick reflection on the 27th year of my life.  Remembering all of that, makes me wonder what 28 has in store for me! Can't wait to see!

In case I don't post again, Merry Christmas! May this be a special time of joy and celebration as we remember the birth of our Savior and King, Jesus Christ!