Wednesday, January 26, 2011 us your singles...

Just one question to all my bloggy buddies out there, why didn't any of you bother to sign me up for this:

Show us your Singles.

It's obvious none of you ever want me to meet anyone or ever get married.  Thanks.  Thanks a lot.

Take note: if Kelly @ Kelly's Korner ever does this again, yes, yes you can create a post telling all the cute boys how cute and amazing I am.  Just incase there was any question in your mind.

Stay tuned, I promise a better post next week with what's been going on in my life!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

iPhone photos

These were all randomly taken during my time in Corpus for Christmas or the week of New Years while my mom was here helping me do stuff at my house!

My sister wanted a pic of Cole (the blondy) in front of the sign at "his park" as he calls it. This is what we got!

Cole by himself.

Sweet Macie! Funny, I don't remember taking this pic, my guess...Ashlyn took it?

The boys wondering what was taking Kelly & Brandon so long to get there! I love Blake's disapproving look!

Tough faces!!!

Rainboots purchased juuuust in time for THE downpour right before mom & I headed to watch Baylor in the Texas bowl. These boots saved my life! Best. Purchase. Ever.

Mom & I at the Texas Bowl. We may have lost, but it was a fun memory.

My new dining room table that will be delivered on Saturday! My chairs are the brown, not the cream. Love it! Oh, and incase you can't tell the chairs are micro-suedish crocodile!!!

Curtains my mom & I hung!!!

Close up

Welp, hope you feel like you've been with me for the past 3 weeks...well, kinda.

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