Tuesday, November 29, 2005


I love laughing out loud, literally. It's a wonderful stress relief. Whether it's in a group and everyone is cracking up, or in your apartment just watching a random commercial. Take any opportunity to let it out, a gaffaw some might even call it. Seriously, if you are one who doesn't take many opportunities to laugh out loud (besides on IM), then try it. You'll be amazed how therapeutic it can be. Some people say it's just not their personality type to let it out, but I'm telling you, you have got to try it. If you find yourself chuckling on the inside, let it out, as loud as you can, let the neighbors hear you. I mean, it feels so good to find yourself dubbled over uncontrollably.

I think that's what I miss. Laughing with my girlfriends. Not even having to say a word, but just the look can make us all crack up. Or laughing for so long that we dont even remember what we were origionally laughing at. I can't remember the last time I got to do that, have a good laugh, really bond with my girls.

I miss watching chick flicks, cooking dinner, popping in an episode (or 3 or 4 or 10) of Friends, having Christmas parties (awkward ones where not everyone gets the memo on the attire, and wild ones where not everyone there is sober), making late night study breaks, living just across the courtyard from eachother (or even just 2 miles down the road), random dance parties, walking the beartrail, taking classes with all your friends, giving the profs a hard time, never reading for class and not caring, Sunday night dinners, Friday lunches, cooking tacos with roommates and friends, scrapbooking, playing mariocart, cute boys everywhere you turn, okay I'll stop. I miss you guys, I miss college, why did it have to end?

What a random thought process that was, sorry!

Super Duper: learned that if i invest $3,000/yr (which I currently am) and make an 8% return (which the guy said I could) over 44 years (which is when I will qualify for retirement) Iwill have something like 1.4 mill!!!! doesn't that rock!!!
Super Pooper: finals on Monday...studying all weekend.

Sunday, November 27, 2005

...I'm thankful for...(edited version)

it has come to my attention that my list is too simple, allow me to expand (btw- Liesal and I both made a thankful list without knowing the other one did it...haha)

I'll start cheesy, then have a lil more fun.

...my salvation. For without Him and His unfailing love and grace I would be lost.
...my family. All of them. A mom and dad who raised me and made sacrifices for me.
...my friends. Old and new. Old ones who know me better than I know myself, and love me anyways. New ones who have made my transition to Houston endurable.
...my church. A church family that has wrapped its arms around me and shown me what the body looks and acts like. A church that prays.
...my job. A wonderful boss that teaches me so much every day, and puts up with my ignorance.
...my apartment. I just learned today that people who want to live in my apt complex are being quoted between $750 and $800...I pay $590 (which is going up to $640 in Jan....yuck!!)
...God's provision. no matter where I am in my life He always provides and gets me through.
...being in seminary. not everyone has the chance to go! I'm thankful that my church works with me and encourages me to be in classes.
...my new nephew...enough said.
...my niece and nephew. ditto.
...my kitchen table.its just so dang cute and stylish!!!
...my chaise lounge couch. so dang comfy
...my sisters. love em, people I can really be me around, and we all understand.
...unlimited nights and weekends on my cell phone
...gas prices going down
...Christmas parties. yay for free food
...Christmas vacation. yay for relaxing
...almost being done with my first semester of seminary. yay for a break from stress

Super Duper: I'm alive (that's the only thing I can think of right now...)
Super Pooper: I'm sickish, finals in a week, lots to get done at work this week, if I can just survive til next Monday!!!

...lil o this...lil o that...

well, you are all aware that we just celebrated the thanksgiving holidays, so let me do a lil recap (even though I try not to do a day by day anymore, I think it is necessary).

i think many of you may find this beneficial-family tree:

mom and dad
daughter- Katy, married to Brent, two sons - Brady and Blake
daughter- Kristy, married to Trent, one daughter- Ashlyn
daughter- Kelly
daughter- Kasey

Mon: woke up early and headed to Dallas where my mom, dad, Kelly, Ashlyn, Brady were all hanging out. Kelly and I shopped the afternoon away while the others took naps. That night Katy, Brent and Blake joined us.

Tues: we spent the morning getting pictures made of Brady and Blake (its for Blake's 3 months!!!). Then lunched at Chic-fil-A. Then dad, Brent and Brady went to Waco and met up with Kristy to watch the lady bears romp on the CC A&M team!!! The rest of us girls (and Blake) finished up shopping and then caravanned (Katy had her car, I had mine, and Kelly had to bring hers) down to Temple where we would settle in for the rest of the Thanksgiving holidays.

Wed: hung out at the house, played with the kiddoes (ash, bray-bray, and blakers), let mom and sisters do the grocery shopping for the thanksgiving food. Oh yeah, Kristy came in from Waco and joined us all (this made the fam complete, except for Trent...no comment) Wednesday afternoon I put together 12 really cute turkeys pails for name cards at the table. They turned out really cute, everyone was pleased with them!! Then Wed night we all piled in the cars (yes 2, there are so many of us that we don't fit in one car) and went to this really cool, really cool Christmas light show. Its on some property in Belton and winds around the lake with all these cool lights that jump and move...it was pretty fun. Brady really liked it, Ash and Blakers slept throught it, oops!!!

Thurs: woke up, everyone was cooking, my job was to set the table and find thankful verses for everyone, and entertain the kids!! i think the morning of thanksgiving might be my favorite part. everyone hanging out, the men frying the turkey, the kids jumping on the trampoline, blakers giggling in the background, everyone else catching up!! it was just the 11 of us, but that's plenty!! we ended up eating around 2:15, which was pretty good, considering 2:00 was our goal. of course its our tradition is to go around the table and each read a verse and say what we are thankful for, i used to dread it, but now i don't mind. i think its a good time to pause and have serious conversation for once. after lunch we played a card game that took somewhere around 3 hrs, called 'golf' then went back for deserts and round 2 of dinner. then kristy and trent left to head to his parents' house in waco, the rest of us played another round of 'golf'. all in all, a nice day with the fam.

Fri: i'll spare you the details: shopping!! We did go to dinner at Cotton Patch in Temple, in celebration of my upcoming b-day. it was early to have to celebrate, but mom's having surgery on my b-day, so it was now or never.

Sat: woke up, lounged. showered, got on the road, headed to my humble abode. think i'm kinda sicky, or allergies or something...no fun!

i didn't mean to omit, but i did get to hold and love on my lil blakers all throughout the week!! he's so precious!! i can't believe that he is already 3 mo!! i'll try to see if i can post his new pics!!

Super Duper: already got a few b-day presents!!
Super Pooper: finals in a week...

Monday, November 21, 2005


just wanted to let you all know that I will have no access to the internet all week, so i won't be able to post til sometime next weekend!! Have a fantabulous turkey day!! Eat a lot, relax even more, and enjoy family and friends the most!! Love you all!!

Friday, November 18, 2005

...one of the cutest things I've seen in a long time...

I had to show you this. I bought it for my 3 mo old nephew...its his Christmas gift!!! You know it's precious!! After Christmas I'll be sure to post a pic of him wearing it!!!

Thursday, November 17, 2005

...things i've learned since i moved to houston...

***how to navigate a tollroad***

***how to be okay with hanging out alone at the apt (even on a friday night)***

***how to blog***

***how to start over, make new friends***

***how to lead and follow at the same time***

***how to work full time and go to seminary***

***what friends are real friends and make an effort (even if you're on the other side of the country) to keep in touch***

***what it means to work every weekend***

***how to balance "vacation" time (only 10 days a yr!!!)***

***how fun it is to live alone***

***that it takes exactly 2.5 hrs to get to my sister's in Academy and 3.25 hrs to get home (yes, I still call that home, I think I always will, at least til I have my own family) to CC***

***that eating out for lunch every day of the week adds up***

***that it takes at least 20 mins just to get a burger near my apt***

***that you have to make a huge effort to hang out with people, sometimes a close friend can live 30 mins away, easily***

***how to balance a budget***

***how much I miss my friends***

***how I need someone to motivate me to work out (I'm helpless on my own)***

***that it sucks if your neighbor smokes (the smell comes through my bathroom air vent)***

***that its next to impossible to hang things on the wall by yourself***

I'm sure I've learned more, but that's all I can come up with right now. Till next time...

Super Duper: a whole week of vacation with my family
Super Pooepr: boys

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

...It's fall...

That's right folks, today at approximately 3:35 pm, fall decided to arrive in Houston, TX!! It's fabulous!! I love the changing of seasons (even the abbreviated version that TX gets). Yes, its about a month late, but I'll take it. Who knows how long it will decide to stick around, but I'll take it for as long as its willing to stay!!! I hope I get to bust out some sweaters and jackets!! So much fun!! It has been stormy today, but that's what I like. It was so fun, everyone came out of their offices just to get a good look at the sky getting dark and the rains coming in...ah, so refreshing! Well, I think I'll let this be a short post, seeing as how I don't really know how to do short posts...

Super Duper: GG with Rebecca
Super Pooper: I have fake nails and my pinky keeps hitting the caps lock key, so annoying.

ps- for liesal. My parents and I were supposed to be in Dallas from Monday-Wed morn at Kelly's. Just to do some good shopping and all, and Katy and fam were coming Mon night as well, now mom wants to head back to Waco on Tues morn for this thing that Ashlyn has for thanksgiving. So Kelly's feelings are hurt now that mom wants to leave her house early, and Katy's upset because they aren't getting to Dallas till Mon night, but she has plans already set and has to come then and isn't going to leave til Wed morn, as we had originally planned!! Ah, complications of having a big fam! gotta love it!

Monday, November 14, 2005

so many options

I could tell you about:

- how my mom changed plans for Thanksgiving and now my sisters are upset.

- how dirty my apartment is right now.

- how excited I am that I don't have class next Monday and so I don't have to think about school for a whole week or two!!!

- the hilarious wedding I went to this weekend. The ring bearer was just supposed to walk down the isle, but then he wanted to go up the stairs with his mother (matron of honor). So he went up the stairs and stood there slightly composed for a few minutes. But then when the pastor told the congregation to be seated he thought he was supposed to sit, but then he realized that noone else on the stage was sitting, so he was confused. He finally stoodback up, but shortly after that he became restless, this was in the middle of the vows. He started twirling the ring bearer pillow and moving closer and closer to the bride and groom. By now the bride (my cousin) was laughing all the way through repeating her vows!! Finally the little 3 1/2 year old ring bearer decided he was done with this whole ordeal and went down the steps, across the church and try to escape out a side door. The whole thing was hilarious!! Finally, my sister was the closest person to the little boy so she went and got him and found him a place to sit!! Ah, what a mess!!

- or I could tell you that I skipped my first seminary class today!!!

- or that I got another test back and did alright, atleast compared to the other test I took in that class!!!

- how I need to go to the grocery store, in fact I can't remember the last time I went.

- how when I went home (Corpus Christi) this weekend I got make-up, 2 pairs of shoes, 2 tops, and one twin set (it's really nice (what I wore to the wedding) sorry no pics, besides Riley complains when I describe my outfits on my blog

- how one of my favorite families (the 2 cutest kids at Tallowood) are leaving and going to be on staff at Harris Creek in Waco, well McGregor (ps- the church I went to during my time at Baylor)

- or that my mom is having surgery on my birthday, plus I have to work a full workday and then I have a meeting that night, granted we are doing an ornament exchange at the meeting, but still, not quite last year's celebrations, some of you may remember that...

but I don't think I'll tell you about any of that. The truth is I really don't have much to say. So I guess I'll just say, have a great week!!!

Super Duper: a full week of not using my brain
Super Pooper: being gone all weekend always makes me feel behind

Friday, November 11, 2005

...status quo...

So today I walked into my office and decided that I wanted something new. So I called my friend Rebecca and asked her if she had brought her guns with her this morning. I wanted to move some things around to slightly rearrange my office. Well, she came on over and we had quite a time moving stuff around. Ended up unplugging my computer and making a mess of things for a while. But in the end I was well pleased. Really all we did was turn my desk at a slant and then push another desky/bookshelf thing that I have behind me further in the corner. It turned out pretty well, a nice change of pace. Even though I'll probably only be in there for another 2 months or so. We are moving all of our offices a few blocks North because about 1/3 of the church is going to be demolished some time this Spring in order to make room for the new buildings, and the demolition includes all of our office space!! So, I hope people around Tallowood like change, cuz here it comes, ready or not!!!

anyways not much else to say, going to my cousins wedding this weekend, will give a report when I return.

Super Duper: found out I get to take all the time off I want for Thanksgiving and Christmas!!! and mom's gonna spoil me this weekend with shopping, haircut, manicure, pedicure!!!

Super Pooper: having to find people to cover for me since I'm going to be out this weekend, and I have a paper due on Monday, and I've only read 70 of the 220 pgs of the book...

Monday, November 07, 2005

more details

It has been brought to my attention that I left out some very important details about my luxurious dinner party this past Saturday night. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, then you need to read the post before this one.

Moving right along, many of you (well, 2, but that's enought for me) asked who planned and funded this magnificent dinner party? I'm not sure if you have all heard about my friend Jeremy or not. But he's just a guy that I know from church, he's in the singles group and teaches highschool math...like precal I think. Anyways, he lives with 2 older men (all 3 are single). One of the men, Mark Seavers, was the one who was hosting this find dining experience. It was for no other reason than to sit back, enjoy, and quite frankly spoil his friends. Anyways, Jeremy kinda put my name in the hat to be invited, and that's how it all came together.

It has also come to my attention that some of you were curious about what I wore. Well, I did in fact think that this was an occasion that was worthy of shopping, so I headed to New York and Co to use some City Cash my mom had gotten there. I found this purple/eggplant/maroonish wrap/top/shrug thing. It was really fun. It was supposed to tie in the front, but I pulled it around the back and made it do a cute criss cross thing in the back, tied in a bow of course. Oh, I forgot to mention the sequins!! It is 3/4 length and the last 5 inches or so of the sleeves is purple rows of sequins. And then the same thing, only just about 2 inches of sequins around the neck part. Sorry if I did a shabby job of describing, or gave to many details and made it more complicated than necessary, but hopefully you got the jist of it. I wore a plain black shell underneath it, with some dressy black crop pants. And then some fun black strappy sandels with beads on them to help dress it up a little. Overall I felt pretty cute.

I hope that this has provided sufficient details. Please, feel free to inform me if I have left anything else out!

Super Duper: Got a 95 on a paper today, turned another paper in, and got a major test out of the way!!!
Super Pooper: still have another paper due next Monday, and I haven't even started the book...oops!

TTFN, friends...

Sunday, November 06, 2005

living the high life...

Oh, my dear friends. For me to tell of this experience does not do it justice. The saddest part is that I don't even have any pictures...man, my ps best get me a digital camera for Christmas!! Anywho, tonight I had a first, and possibly only, extravagant meal. It was amazing. No cost was considered. Nothing on the menu had a price. Now, actually, the menu was set, but I was very well pleased with the way it was set.

It was a five course meal. For simplicity's sake I'll outline the courses, and then describe the overall presentation.

1st course: smoked salmon with a creamy cucumber sauce with 2 cucumber slices. VERY NICE presentation.
2nd course: DELICIOUS crabcakes with all sorts of sauces and garnishes
3rd course: House salad with a choice of 3 homemade dressings
4th course: your choice of a 3 inch 10 oz filet, or snapper with crab on top - both served with mashed potatoes, some crunchy potatoe things, and asparagus

5th course: creme brule bread pudding, homemade orange hazelnut chocolate truffle

Okay friends, as I said, let me do my best to describe this evening. First, let me start with the ambiance! IT WAS AMAZING!! We sat outside under our own individual gazebo thing. Surrounded by beautiful garden, pond, trees all lit with Christmas lights....it was breath taking. Again, I'm painfully sorry there is no picture! Well, here is one from the website, but imagine with white lights everywhere.

It was a perfect night outside to sit and have dinner. Mind you that with every course they brought out at least one new wine that was recommended for that food, sometimes 2 wines, just for one course (no worries, I didn't partake of the wine...)!! It was crazy! Everytime a new course would come out at least 3-4 guys would walk out with all the treys at once so that everyone could be served at the same time. Not to mention I had no clue who our official server was. I mean, there was one guy whose only job was to serve the wine. He was like the wine coordinator or something crazy like that. Then also, and I'm not making this up, random guys, multiple ones, would come walk around our table and just observe. Mind you that we were off in our completely separate gazebo, it wasn't like they were on their way some place...it was craziness. Well, you get the gist...it was amazing!! We had a fabulous time, and the best part was I never had to see the bill...I honestly can't even begin to imagine the total cost, especially with all that wine. Oh yeah, after dinner, but before desert they brought out this fabulous icecream drink, it did have a little alcohol in it (so I just took one sip for a taste), but they brought 5 of them...who knows how much each of those cost!! There were 14 people in our party and I think it's safe to say that the bill was between $1500-$2000, seriously!! I have NEVER in my life seen anything like it. It was a fun special occasion, but not something I think I'll have to get used to any time soon, or rather, just any time.

Super Duper: WIll told me to change my font for my paper from Times NewRomans to Courier New, and it went from 13 to 19pgs!!! YIPPEEE, all of a sudden I'm done!

Super Pooper: Still have to study for my test on Monday...

Thursday, November 03, 2005

a bit of randomness

Well, I'm a bit embarrassed by my last post, it was so ridiculously long!! I've been wanting to post a random post, not just about me and the goings on in my life, so, here's my attempt at randomness. Um, if I may copy a grand friend of mine, Kristy Louise Davis Boyd...

10 Things you may not know about me...
10. I've always wished I was slightly more shy. I don't like that I feel the need to talk so much and tell everyone everything that's on my mind. But seriously, sometimes I try to stop and I can't. That's just the way God made me.
9. When I first start to like a guy, really like a guy, more than just a crush, I get a little crazy, some might call it obsessed. Now, I don't mean that I'm a stalker, never. Moreso I just become very concerned with my outer appearance, and I way overanalyze every thing they do, say, don't do, don't say, who they talk to, how often they talk to me...This goes on for usually about a month (sometimes longer) until I realize that he's not interested and I force myself to move on. ps- i'm in the forcing myself to move on stage right now.
8. I just went poo.
7. I only cry about once every 3 months.
6. I eat 1/2 a Digorno's pizza with a big salad (Spring Mix) about once every week or 2 for dinner.
5. People who don't enjoy life, they just mope around and complain and say how unhappy they are, really, really annoy me. We are here to glorify our Creator, and I don't think being a poopy pants all the time does that...call me crazy!
4. Every morning when I get out of the shower, I put on my robe and get back in bed for at least 5 minutes, sometimes 10 or 15!!
3. It bothers me when people don't like me. It also bothers me when I don't like people...
2. Foxy Jocks wear Socks...don't ask.
1. I'm loud!!!

Super Duper: tomorrow's Friday
Super Pooper: no food in the apt

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

a fist time for everything...

So, this will be the first time I have ever posted from work. Emily, you have to promise to not tell your mom. Here's the deal, I have no time whatsoever to post from home, and I have a few spare minutes right now, so I decided to bless you all with a post.

At the risk of repeating a mundane format, I've decided to go through the past few days in chronological order. So here it goes.

Thursday: Last Thursday my boss was gracious enough to allow me to leave at noon. I headed straight for Waco around 1:15. For the first time I tried listening to the Bible on tape. Oddly enough, I really enjoyed it! I have to read through the New Testament by December 5th and I'm only in Luke, so this is hopefully going to help maximize my time. Anyways, I got to the great city of Waco (funny how your perception changes when you no longer live there) around 3:45. I have to admit, driving through campus I got very senitmental. Just watching the girls run the bear trail and people hanging out...hard to accept how much my life has changed in 1 year. My fabulous friend Emily (who refuses to start a blog) had arrived around this same time. We met up and embraced (twice actually, we really missed eachother. It had been 4 months!!!). We hung out at Common Grounds and Spirit Shop til I had this silly interview thing at the FCS building. Our lovely friend, Kristy Boyd, met up with us there too!! After that we went by the new and improved bookstore! I bought a nice white longsleeved shirt that I really like! After that Kristy had to go, but Em and I met up with Jeff and Ryan M. We went to this ghetto place, that was just okay, but it was good to hang out with them! I miss my Jeffers, even though he is poopy to me a lot of the time. After that I had to head to my sisters because Ashlyn was waiting anxiously for me! I love my Ashy girl!

Friday: Um, well, Friday started off way too early. Ashlyn woke up some time around 5:30 and came and crawled on the couch with me. 2 people on a couch, even a 3 yr old, isn't the easiet way to sleep. Anyhow, we got up and got ready for the day. I had told my sister that I would take Ashlyn for the day and then met Em for some fun, but uneventful shopping at the Central Marketplace on Highway 6. Then at 12:30ish we headed to Bush's to meet more fabulous friends, Molly, Kristy and Lee!! It was fun to hang out like the good ole' Friday lunch gang! After lunch Em and I ran some random errands til it was time to drop off Ashlyn and meet up with Brian, Elaine (also, really good to see a friend I hadn't seen in way way way too long!!), and Riley to go see Kristy and Lee's house! It's weired realizing that your friends are married and have a place to live!! But again, it was fun just to chill and hang out for a few mins! Probably my favorite part of the whole weekend was eating at Rudy's! We had a really good group and really good food. I was super excited because a lot of KXAs had decided to eat there too. It was really fun to run into old friends like that. After that we headed to bonfire. Bonfire was good, different but good. I would have like to have run into some more random people, but it was so spread out this year that it was hard to find people, but it was nice that it wasn't so croweded. Of course the highlight of the bonfire was Glenn proposing to Jen! It was really fun and special!!! After bonfire I headed to Pigskin with my sisters. It was fun to see old friends on stage and in the audience. It ended pretty late, so we headed home and crashed!!

Saturday: Saturday morning came way too early, since the parade started soo early. But it was good. We (My sisters and Ashlyn and I) walked up 5th street around 8:30. Again, I saw some random people. Katy, Brent, Brady and Blake arrived some time around 9:45. It was fun for the whole family to be together! After the parade I decided to forgo the game and spend some more family time. We met up with my cousin Meredith and her 2 sons for lunch at Red Lobster. It was really yummy, and my dad paid since it was Brent's b-day on Sunday!!! I had to get on the road around 1:30 and headed straight to church. I have to admit, I felt kinda bad when I got a call from a friend of mine from Baylor on Saturday night and he said, "Why didn't you come in town this weekend?" That's just the kind of weekend it was. There was no way I could see everyone! Of course I felt bad, but every minute that I was in Waco was scheduled, there was nothing I could do. Anyway, after church I headed home, ate dinner and sacked out by 8:45!!!

Sunday: I don't think much exciting happened on Sunday. Church, read for class, church, dinner with a friend (Rebecca I love you!). Oh, wait, I did receive and invitation to a rather fancy dinner party this coming Saturday!! I'm super excited!

Monday: Class ALL DAY!! Mondays totally wear me out! The good news is I got my first test back in Systematic Theology. I made a 90!! I'm not trying to brag, I'm just really excited!! The bad thing was I got totally frustrated with my NT prof. He's so good, but totally intense. I have another test in there on Monday and I'm scared out of my mind!!! After 8 hrs of class I headed to the Noah's Ark Carnival at my church. I just worked the ticket booth with some friends. It was fun, but I really needed to be working on my 15 pg paper that's due Monday...ah well.

Tuesday: Work, babysat, studied (a lil). Had a good conversation with the people I babysat for. But then found out some people are leaving the church, and that makes me sad.

Wednesday: Again, work...no biggie, just a meeting tonight.

So there you have it, my past week. I know, I got kinda long winded, but that's my title on the facebook group, "the one who writes too much." I just want you all to know that I really do love you and it was so good to see you all this weekend. It stinks that we are all growing up and not living in the same town and hanging out all the time, but I'm glad that we keep in touch and it just makes the time that we do get to see eachother all the sweeter! I love you guys and miss you all tons! I'm so glad we got to reunite for a lil while! I hope you all know I will never replace you, you are forever a part of my life!

Super Duper: My exciting dinner party on Saturday night...whatever shall I wear?
Super Pooper: a 15 pg paper and a major exam on Monday...ugh

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

la vida loca

Sorry guys, this week is crazy, not sure when I'll get around to updating! I know, that's lame, but seminary is very demanding...please keep checking, I'll see what I can do...