Thursday, May 26, 2011

...who I am...

I feel the need to post more often, so, since I can't seem to come up with much exciting, or creative or have any new pictures to share...I thought I would borrow this from my friend Lindsay's blog:

I am...Kasey.  I am a Preschool Minister.  I am 28 years old.  I am single.  I am an aunt, a daughter, a sister.

I find the man that God has prepared for me to be my husband!

I amazing family whom I love VERY much!

I wish...I went on more vacations!

I hate...being stressed out! I wish I could live in a stress-free world!

I fear...losing a loved one.  I have never really lost someone that I am really close to, thank you

I own voice all the time...yes, I'm a talker, and should learn to keep my mouth shut sometimes.  My momma always told me that my mouth would get me in trouble some day...

I search...for God's will for my life and what He wants for me!

I wonder...what my life will look like in 5 years!
I regret...very little, maybe this is idealistic of me, but I don't really believe in regret.  I guess I regret that I don't read more.

I new house! God was so good in blessing me with it!

I see my nieces and nephews more often! Seriously miss them!

I always...wear make-up! This is drastically different from when I was in college, but now I can't leave home without it!

I to someone in my family on the phone every day (and none of them live in Houston).

I am not...good at keeping my house clean.  The laundry, the dishes, the's unending!

I dance...shamelessly and any chance I get!!!

I sing...OFTEN and LOUD! In the car, in the shower, at church, in the grocery store...I'm sure its obnoxious to those around me, I always seem to have a song stuck in my head, so I choose to share it with others.  Most recently, it is often "BECAUSE YOU'RE AMAZING...JUST THE WAY YOU ARE!!!" In all caps because yes, I sing it at the top of my lungs!

I never...thought I would be living the life I am today! Thank you God for the blessings in my life and the journey you have brought me through!

I sometimes...wish I were more spontaneous! I've become so much of a planner that I rarely do something spur of the moment, like I used to in college!

I cry...rarely.  Seriously, it's a fault of mine.  I wish I could cry more.  We're talking 3-4 times a year...max.  I have started to where my eyes will well up more often, like at a wedding or funeral, but if you've ever seen me with tears running down my face, know that it's a rare sight.

I am not always...sarcastic, but people probably think I am! ha!

I Words With Friends more often than I would like :(

I am politics, Int'l affairs, get the gist!

I need...very little.  The truth is I am very blessed and hope to not take that for granted!

I more often!

Who Are You?

Leave me a comment and let me know if you decide to do this!
Hope you enjoyed this fun little game!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

...Kelly's baby shower...

What a fun time we had throwing a baby shower for my sister, Kelly.  She got lots of cute stuff for

Sloane McKinsey Hill

Please appreciate the adorable cupcake cake balls! Oh, and the cute lady with the baby carriage decoration!

Seriously ADORABLE cake!

Beautiful flowers!

My cute preggers sister!

I will admit to decorating these cookies myself.  Yes, I am an amateur, but I was relatively pleased, seeing as this was my first time doing this type of cookie!

Our attempt at fruit kabob/edible arrangement!

Yummy coffee punch!

Sweet Macie!

Love this pic of all the cousins @ the shower!

Sisters, mom & Macie!


So much fun celebrating the newest edition to our family!  We can't wait to meet you Sloane!