Monday, February 20, 2012


Last time I talked to you, I told you what was coming up.  I guess now I owe you an update.  Well, the first week of February I spent a few days in Utah!  Had a FAB-U-LOUS time skiing and LOVING on my Sloanie! She is an absolute doll!!! Soooo happy allllll of the time.  She just laughs & giggles and die. for!  Here are some pics from my weekend in Salt Lake:

Going to church! Toooo cute!

 Gettin' the hang of it at ski school! Fun sister times!

Had to get some pics with Sloanie in the snow!

 My little snow bunny!

Sooo happy!


Last weekend I headed to Waco for Sing! Such fun times with Katy, Brady, Kristy & Ash!  We took a few pics that weren't that good, but the best ones were at the photo booth they had set up! The kids loved it!  I also got to go to a little performance of Bradley (3 yrs old) singing at his school.  Then I had lunch with Blake...I'm an equal opportunity Aunt, trying to spend time with each of the kiddos.

Bradley singin', he's the one in the red & black striped shirt.

Such a sweetie!

I think they were singing about building a house?

Love my Bradley boy!

All 5 of us @ Sing! Kristy, Ash, Brady, Me, Katy

Bub & Brady bein' crazy!
 Future Bears!
On Saturday I had breakfast with Kristy's family and then got to see Ash play in her basketball game! I can honestly say she was the MVP, as she scored 6 points, and the score was 6-0.  Yeah, she was the only person to score, on either team! Proud Aunt right here!

As usual the month has flown by! Things are busy with our church's D-Now weekend, Spark, this weekend.  I'm hosting a group at my house and I'm in charge of 2 Back Yard Bible Clubs on Saturday that the Spark participants will help with, there will be an estimated 200 kids there...but other than that it should be quiet weekend, ha!

In case I don't check in before then, happy leap day on Feb 29th! Do something special with your "extra" day!