Wednesday, October 19, 2011

...about a month ago...

So, my family is adjusting to this idea of having family members that live out of state.  Let me just tell you...we don't like it, but we are making the best of it.

So, right when Sloane was born in June, Southwest airlines was having a cheap flights deal and we booked a flight for Kelly to fly to Houston in September.  The plan was for them to fly into Houston and then I would drive them down to Corpus so that my all of my parent's friends could meet Sloanie.  Well, if you recall, when Sloane was born life was pretty crazy with my dad having a stroke and all, and I was in charge of booking the flight for Kelly, well...I kind of booked the reverse in, a flight from Houston to SLC instead of from SLC to Houston.  Thankfully Kelly realized this about a month before her flight and it only ended up costing us about $50 to change the flight...yeah, she was not very happy with me when she realized the mistake I had made.  Thankfully, alls well that ends well.

Anywho, Kelly & Sloane flew in on a Wednesday night and we had dinner with all of her in-laws since a lot of Brandon's family lives in Houston and had yet to meet Sloane.  Then Thursday we drove to Corpus.  Friday was filled with breakfast with Jana, 3 month pics of Sloane (which turned out to be quite an ordeal, but worth it), and then late that night Kristy's family arrived, having driven in from Waco to see Kelly & Sloane for the weekend.

Saturday was fun as a lot of my mom's friends came over for a little "Sip n See".  Here are some pix from that morning.  My only regret is that I didn't get any pics with my mom or sisters, I guess we were letting everyone else have time with Sloane.  Oh, and my 9 year old niece had 2 little friends that came and at one point they stole Sloane away and "babysat" her in the back room...wish I had gotten pics of them fawning over her!  Sweet cousins!

I had to head back to Corpus on Saturday, but only after making my niece, Ashlyn, a matching pair of fabric covered Toms! She said they are all the rage in her 4th grade class, including with her teacher!

Anywho, Kelly & Sloane stayed in CC til Monday to spend more time with Mom & Dad, and Kristy & her kids.  Kristy and her kids went back to Waco on Sunday, and then mom took Monday & Tuesday off of work to bring Kelly & Sloane back to Houston to catch their flight out back to SLC.

So, when Mom, Kelly & Sloane got to Houston on Monday, Katy & her boys had gotten to Houston so that they could spend some time with and see Sloane! So fun to all get together!  We didn't really do anything special, just some shopping and playing and fawning over precious Sloanie. 

Everyone had to head back to their homes on Tuesday, but not before we got a few cute pix with me & the cousins...enjoy!

Can you tell I am obsessed with this bundle of cuteness?  Can't wait to see her @ Christmas...too long!