Saturday, August 06, 2011

...Single Moments 7, 8 & 9...

Some of you may have forgotten a series I started 2 years ago, entitled "Single Moments." Well, it's back and this time in full force. I have 3, count 'em 1,2,3, moments to share. All 3 have happened in the past few weeks, and all 3 were when in conversation with my niece or, they can be so brutally honest, gotta love 'em.

Single Moment #7

Unfortunately I don't remember the full context of this conversation, but we my oldest nephew (9 yes), Brady, and I were talking about families. This is a summary of the conversation:

Brady: "Well, yeah, Bubba (me), cuz you don't have a family."
Me: "Excuse me?"
Brady: "Uh, well...Uh, you know what I mean."
Me: "I do?" (just giving him a hard time)
Brady: "Yeah, you know. Like you're not married, you don't have kids."
Me: "Thanks for the reminder!"

Single Moment #8

This conversation was with my 6 year old nephew, Blake. What you need to know is that Blake has been asking his parents a lot of questions about boy/girl relationships, why ppl get married, etc. His parents (my sis & BIL) have taught him that you only marry someone if God tells you to marry them. Blake's comment to me:

"Bubba, why hasn't God told you who you are going to marry yet?"

Single Moment #9

While driving in the car with my 9 year old niece, the song "I Loved Her First" came on. If you're not familiar with the song it's a dad singing to his daughter's fiancé, telling him that he (the dad) loved her first. He says how hard it will be to give her away, how he held her first, he loved her first, and she'll always be his little girl. I told my niece how sweet I thought this song was, so I told her to listen to the words. Well one part of the song says, "I prayed that she'd find you some day, but it's still hard to give her away..." I'm not kidding you, out if nowhere Ashlyn says,

"I guess Gramps (my dad) quit praying for you."
Me:"Excuse me?"
Ashlyn: "Uh, I just mean..."
Me:"Yeah, you better mean that he's still praying! Right?"
Ashlyn: "Right."

Seriously, what am I going to do with these kids?

Wednesday, August 03, 2011

...KIDNAPPED '11...

If you know me at all, you know that for several years now my sister (Kelly) & I have done "Aunt's Weekend!"  And if you don't know me, why are you reading this blog? Moving on, last year Kelly & I told the kids that it was the last Aunt's Weekend :( We knew Kelly was going to be moving to Utah, and then it really sealed the deal when Kelly found out she was preggers.  There was just no way. time passed, not only were the kids sad that there were no more Aunt's Weekends, but I started getting sad about it myself.  I hadn't realized how much I looked forward to that special time with those kiddos! I mean, they're stinkers, but I LOVE 'EM!

So, some time early last week, I got a notion, to surprise kidnap the older 5 and steal them away for a day filled with fun and surprises.  So, last Friday, that's just what I did.

Yes, I called it "KIDNAPPED!" The back of the kid's shirts said, "Kids?...Yes!" "Naps?...NO!"  The back of my and my sister (Katy's) shirt said, "Kid?...No." "Nap?...YES!" Ha! Get it?!?

Well, I'll let the pics show you what all we did that day (super annoyed that these are showing up sideways...):

About to go into the Maybourn Children's Museum!

Cute Cole learning about the evolution of line telephones! ha!

Ash & Brady playing "house"!

Cutest bus driver I ever saw!

Yes, he's about to smack the heck out of those drums!

LARGE Bison!

Very proud of themselves for figuring this out (with some help).

Seriously, love that smile!

Ashlyn doing the wash!

This was his idea to dress like the school boy and pose with his hand up...kid cracks me up!

Walk like an Egyptian! The special exhibit at the museum right now is an Egypt exhibit, the kids loved it, especially the mummy!

You can't go to Waco without visiting the Baylor Bear Pit! Sic 'Em Bears!

After lunch we spent the afternoon painting pottery!

Then picked up a sweet treat at Katy's Custard before heading home! MMMmmmmm!

Always fun times making memories with my favorite kiddos in the whole world!