Wednesday, June 27, 2007

...I'm an aunt, again!!!

Curtis Cole Collier entered this world on Sunday, June 24th at 11:00 am!!! He weighed in at 7 lbs 15 oz and is 19 inches long!!! He's a precious, well mannered baby!!! Mom and baby are home, adjusting to life with a family of 4!

Cousin Brady holding Cole, cousin Blake and big sister Ashlyn adoring baby Cole!

Super Duper: going back to Waco tomorrow to spend more time with baby Cole!!!
Super Pooper: my apartment is a disaster zone!

Saturday, June 23, 2007 highlights (and lowlights)...

  • getting to know and develop relationships with more youth (and adults), renewing relationships with youth I already knew
  • 15 accepted Christ as their Lord & Savior and then were baptized on Friday!! PTL!
  • it was overcast and breezy most of the week!!! really great weather!
  • my team got 3rd in acquire the tire and 5th in the tribal trek
  • great preaching, great worship!!!
  • lots of free time to chill and hang out in the river...sooo relaxing!
  • tuesday night they recreated a life size replica of the tabernacle, with the outer courtyard, holy place, and holy of holies. including the table of showbread, menorah, clothing to dress the high priest, alter in the courtyard, arc of the covenant, ten commandments & rod of Aaron that went in the arc. it was really cool, i just wish the kids had understood more the significance of it all, but I think they got the idea that we no longer need a high priest, Jesus was our sacrifice, and that's the main thing.
  • the camp eagle staff served us and cleaned up after us for breakfast and dinner each day!!! it was amazing!


  • there was a cleaning Nazi in my cabin, and all the girls had to miss free time just to keep the cabin clean each day...lame, that's just not camp to me!
  • the camp eagle people that were assigned to my group weren't very energetic and my group was already kind of aloof, so they didn't always get into the adventure rec team building activities. but by the end of the week, i realized we had bonded and were much closer than we had been on Monday :)
  • I had a few minor ailments, like foggy vision (sunscreen in my eyes, i think) for a day and a half, landed on my back off of the blog and was sore for a few days, then fell off the zip line that went over the water and got a little bruise on my hand, and now i have chiggers. really none of it was horrible, but I don't usually get that beat up!
  • several of the other sponsors had way more major injuries than i did, one guy had 4 stitches to the head and tore his ACL (2 separate accidents), Will busted his ear drum, and Jerome's hand is swollen to almost 2x its size.

It really was a great week!!! Such a joy and pleasure to get to be a part of it!!!

Now I'm headed to Waco, because on Monday my sister is inducing labor, and I will get to meet my nephew, Cole!!! I'll post pics of camp, and baby Cole when I get back!!!

Super Duper: sleeping in my own bed

Super Pooper: back to the daily grind, the illusion that I actually get a summer vacation is over

Monday, June 11, 2007

...real quick...

well, i suppose i owe ya'll a post. yes, i survived VBS last week. all went well, with a few minor issues to deal with, which is to be expected, i suppose. i'm still trying to recover, i took a 2 hr nap on Saturday AND Sunday!!! Now i've got to switch gears and get ready to leave for camp on Sunday! it'll be a fast week, i'm house party in a wedding this weekend, so i need to be ready to leave for camp by mid week! it'll be nice to get away and out of the office, i just hope my sister doesn't have her baby while i'm gone. we'll see!!! seems like everyone in my life is either getting married or having a baby!!! so much excitement this summer! sorry this is a short post, but things are hectic. unfortunately, don't expect another post until after it may be about 2 weeks...sorry, hang with me guys! hope all is well in ya'lls lives!

super duper: fun chill time hanging out with friends this past weekend, haven't had a whole lot of that lately!
super pooper: i have some brutal hic-ups right now!