Wednesday, May 30, 2007

I'm not sure how many, but I think there are a few people that read my blog that aren't on facebook. For those people, I post these pictures of the wedding festivities:

Kristi, the bride, and I at the rehearsal.

Rebecca & I were house party, this is us with bride right before the ceremony.

this is my fave pic from the whole weekend!

i know, they're so cute it's sickening!

I know, you can't believe we're both single...

right now there are 1600 dixie cups half filled with water covering the floor of their apartment...welcome home guys!!!

Super Duper: Ashlyn & Brady are coming for Tallowood VBS!!!

Super Pooper: I'm exhausted!

Monday, May 28, 2007

...complete exhaustion...

Well, Will & Kristi's wedding was wonderful and fun!! So glad I was able to be there. I love them and both of their families so much, it was such a joy to be a part of it. Turned out Rebecca and I were house party too!!! Fun times!

I'll post some pictures, maybe, depending on the week...

Pray for me as VBS is now less than a week away!!! I'm sure all the details will come together, I'll just be glad when I've made it to this time next week. The stress will be over and I'll be able to sit back and enjoy the week of VBS!

Catch ya on the flip side.

Super Duper: My friends and I went and left 1600 dixie cups of water covering Will & Kristi's apartment!!! Welcome home guys!!!
Super Pooper: Need to catch up on my sleep...long weekend...little sleep...not very smart 1 week before VBS.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

...a scary/hilarious/embarrasing anecdote...

Saturday night, 9:45, sitting alone in my apt (yes, I know, pathetic). There's a knock on my door. I was a bit alarmed, since I wasn't expecting anyone and I was already in my PJs. So I go to my door to look through the peephole. It was a man that I did not recognize. I didn't say anything because I didn't want him to know I was here. So I call my parents and told my dad. I figured it was someone with the wrong apartment, but I just wanted to be on the phone with someone until I was sure he was gone. So I go back and check, and he's gone. I was sure he just had the wrong apartment.

I sit back down on my couch, get resettled, when there's another knock on my door. I grab my phone, look out the peephole again, same guy. Now I'm freaked out. I call my parents again, and my mom tells me I have to call 911. I didn't want to, but I didn't really know what else to do, I was quite freaked out. So, I hung up with my mom, and called 911. I gave them the basic info, told them what had happened, and she said they would send an officer out. (ps - one of the things they asked me was, "how do you know it's a man?" um...well, he dropped his pants and showed me, idiot dispatcher woman, he just looked like a man!!!)

I called my parents back and my mom said now I needed to find somewhere to stay the night, she said I didn't need to stay in my apt alone, under the circumstances. (note: by this point the guy has left, no more knocking). So I call a friend and make plans to spend the night. I packed a bag so that I would be ready when the officer got there and he could escort me to my car, in case this guy was lurking around (yes, I was paranoid).

30 mins later an officer FINALLY shows up. I opened the door and began explaining what had happened, telling him that I live alone and a strange guy had been knocking on my door, but that I thought the guy was gone, but that I'd like for him (the officer) to escort me to my car. He looks and me and says (with a perturbed look on his face), "Ma'am, maybe he was knocking on your door to tell you that you left your keys in the door." WHAT!?!?!?!!! I turn to look at my door knob, sure enough, there hung my massive wad of keys. So, I felt like a COMPLETE idiot. The stranger was trying to be nice. Also note, my car keys were hanging out there, he could have stolen my car!!! I apologized and thanked the officer for coming out, but he was still pretty annoyed! Pretty sure he went back and told all his buddies about this lunatic lady who had called the police because she left her keys in the door!!!

So, I got all freaked out and called the police FOR NOTHING!!! The guy was just trying to be nice!!! Apparently I have good neighbors! Ah well, it makes for a good story, even if I do feel like and idiot! Hope you all got a good laugh over this, and please, don't think less of me for it, and if you do, just don't tell me!

Super Duper: going to Louisville on Thursday for Will & Kristi's wedding (I'll post pics and stories next week...if there's time in the VBS madness).
Super Pooper: VBS is in 2 weeks!!!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

a few things...

...going on in my life:

  • I'm in the midst of VBS madness, hence the lack of posts.
  • I'm going home tomorrow, but my mom doesn't know it!!! Fun surprise!!!
  • A week from tomorrow I fly out to Lousiville for Will & Kristi's wedding!!!
  • I had a melt down last night about happens to the best of passed, I'm back on track now, I think...
  • I hope I remember how to truly relax come June 9
  • Lord, if you're reading this, could you send my husband soon?
  • Most of the interns have started by now, things are in full swing, summer is here, it's busy around the office.
  • Ashlyn & Brady are coming to VBS at T-wood :) and my mom's coming to take care of them while I'm still in VBS mode!!!
  • The last fresh episode of GG EVER aired last night. I personally was especially pleased with the final scene that made an illusion back to the final scene of the first episode of season all comes full circle! I'm not happy that Rory turned Logan down though...NOT COOL!
  • Lots of summer weddings coming up!!!
  • I need a vacation, a real, get away, to not think and just enjoy life!
  • We're having a diet contest at work, so far I've lost 5.5 lbs...exciting, but 4.5 of that came off when I had strep...haha, I'll take what I can get!

Super Duper: Dinner at my favorite restaurant in Corpus tomorrow night!!!

Super Pooper: Some people say things not realizing the impact their words they have on

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

...ode to GG...

we've been on the road,
we've called your name, and you've been there,
we have followed where you have lead, anywhere.

it started oh so many years ago.
when rory was just an innocent 16 year old girl.
i've probably seen each episode multiple times,
watching and rewatching the DVDs,
pathetic, i know.
my friends got me addicted,
and i've passed on the legacy to others.

Tuesday night, 7:00,
its been a ritual,
a bonding time between friends.
we've talked about you as if you were real people,
laughed when you laughed,
pined when you pined,
cried when you cried,
knit when you knit,
rejoiced when you rejoiced,
copper Boomed when you copper boomed!

I even have a Luke's Diner mug
and Elaine has a Dragonfly Inn Tee!!!

We were in, all in.
And now you're gone, out of the blue, just like Jess.
So give me time to wallow, we all need to wallow.
I think I need some coffee coffee coffee!!!
No, maybe I'd rather deviled egg your car!

This just seems so abrupt.
I needed, we needed, warning!
I feel like I've been hit by a deer!
This whole season has been a disappointment.
Your name must be Logan!
I mean, Luke & Lorelei breaking up,
Lorelei running off with Chris,
and now Rory rejecting Logan!!!
I'm sick of you new writers anyways,
messing everything up!
yeah, listen to me rant,
everyone loves ranting Luke!

I only wish I was apt to script this rant without typing that which is twixt d and f,
but that I am not apt to do...

well, there's nothing left to say or do,
what's done is done.
It's over, you made it clear how you felt and now its over.
I'll keep a box of all our stuff up high in the closet,
incase I ever want to remember the good times.
I suppose you'll always be in my life.
I guess we can always hope for reruns on the late night CW.

It was a good run,
so here's to all the reenactments,
getting back together,
breaking up again,
life and death brigade adventures,
and of course, unhealthy relationships with our parents (both those that are toxic, and those that are closer than friends)

I would say thank you for going out before you died out,
but I'm pretty bitter about how things are going to end!
so, here's to you Gilmore Girls,
you occupied a special place in my life for too many years, seriously, one too many, it should have ended last season when Luke & Lorelei were going strong!

Good-bye Stars Hollow!

Super Pooper: Sunday is my sister's birthday and I haven't gotten her anything yet, and it needs to go in the mail....dang it!!!

Saturday, May 05, 2007 eventful day of sitting at home...

Let's see, I could be at a wedding for 2 of my friends, a wedding shower for another friend of mine, or celebrating my bro-in-law's graduation for college with the rest of my family, but instead I sit on my couch "resting."

Wednesday night when I went to bed I was hit by what felt like a ton of bricks with strep throat. Of course I wasn't sure that's what it was until I went to the dr the next day, but let me just tell you I haven't felt that bad in a LOOOOOOOOONG time. I didn't sleep all night, had fever, chills, sweating, aches, my throat hurt, and I was very weak. About 7 am I called my mom and my boss and we all decided I would go to the dr ASAP. Well, my drs appt wasn't til 12:30, so I called my wonderful friend Abby Bertrand to see if she could bring me any kind of meds that might help break the fever. She did, and seriously saved my life!!! She definitely saw me at my worst, I couldn't even make it to the front door or sit up to take the medicine because I was so weak. The fever had gone down by the time my other hero of the day, Jessica Ray, came to take me to the dr. We had decided that I was in no shape to be driving so she came and saved the day. The dr saw that I was in pretty bad shape and said I had full blown intense strain of strep throat (lucky me). He was glad I hadn't come alone, he said I was in no shape to be driving (maybe since I couldn't even sit up long enough to let him listen to my breathing). So Jess brought me home, got my prescription, loaded me up on liquids, jello, soup, etc.

I've been on the mend for the past couple of days, basically sleeping and resting the days away. The fever is gone, I'm much stronger, and its getting easier to swallow. I'm still on a liquid/soft food diet, but my goal is mashed potatoes tomorrow!! haha, I know, pathetic to crave something so simple!

So, that's my life for the past couple of days. Bummer that I had so many options of what I could be doing today, and instead I'm sitting on the couch "resting."

Well, my goal is to be back in the office on Monday, and still take it easy for the week.

Super Duper: My parents are coming through town tomorrow to check on me, even though I plan to be almost 100% tomorrow, it will be nice.
Super Pooper: besides the obvious, my final is on Tuesday!