Monday, September 13, 2010

...the inside...

Many of you asked, and far be it from me to disappoint, so thank you for your patience.  Here are pictures of the inside of my house!  No, everything is not 100% set, but its starting to feel like home, and that's nice.

When you walk in the front door this is what you see...

Note: that bench/swing you see is supposed to go outside, but somehow it just landed there for now.  The intent is to have an entry way table with crosses or a mirror hung above the table.

This is looking back at the entry way/ front door.  A small thing, but one of my favorite selling points is having an actual entry way.  Oh, and please notice the arched doorways, they carry throughout the whole house! Another fun perk!

When you enter, to the left is the dining room.  Allow me to say that I have NOTHING to go in this room.  But, in full disclosure, I am choosing to show it to you, just so that you know that it exists, and that I have room to grow and furniture still left to purchase.  Incase you're keeping up, that's one entry way table and now dining table on the list.  Oh, and I love how all of the fixtures match throughout the house!  And of course, who doesn't love a nice big window?  I can already see my Christmas tree in front of that window!

You can get to the kitchen either through the dining room or the entry hallway.  Yes, there is a refrigerator, its just not pictured.  Yes, all stainless steal appliances were provided by the builder!  I'm learning how to use a gas range, so far I'm liking it!  I mean, it made a mean batch of Kraft mac-n-cheese.

Doesn't every girl dream of having a kitchen island, and one with granite counter top at that! I am so blessed!

This is standing in one corner of the living room.  Another thing I love is having the bar that looks over into the living room! Nice open floor plan! (Oh, and see in the top right corner, there's the fridge...try to invision a big clock on the wall above it...another item on "the list")

Brand new entertainment center from Ikea that several preschool peeps came to help put together!

other sitting area in the living room, sorry the lighting is bad

Guest room.  I'm really excited about the new bedding.  I already had several things (like the lamp, table & throw pillows) that go with it! I also have lots of curtains that match.  This room only has one window (not shown, duh), so I'm thinking about using the extra curtains to create some kind of cool headboard effect!  So, now that you know I have plenty of room for guests, you better come visit!

Right next to the guest room is another extra bedroom that I have currently deemed as the "office."  Which is funny, because I don't have a desk and I will likely never go in there to do "work."  But, I do have a shredder in there, which is obviously very "officey."  Again, another full discloser picture, because this room is not very exciting.  Oh, but I do love the futon, super cute and got a great deal on it! And, just one more place for someone to sleep!  Did I mention that the sofa in the living room is a sleeper sofa too...see, I can sleep lots of people now!

Also, by these 2 bedrooms there is a small full-size bath.  It is cute and functional, but very hard to get in a picture.  Just use your creativity, sink, toilet, get the idea.

Now, for quite possibly my favorite room in the house, my bedroom! Basically all of the main features in this room are new! New bed, new bedding, new dresser, new slipcover for a loveseat I already had (ps - I love repurposing stuff!!)

Sitting area, with repurposed loveseat with new throw pillows (except the zebra pillows, those were in my old office, came in handy!), canvases that I had painted for my old bedroom, now redone with fun coordinating fabric.  Reused lamp, with new lampshade (ribbon detail added by yours truely and the lovely Rebecca Robin Alexander! - I'm thrilled with how it turned out!)

Another new piece from IKEA that I desperately needed.  Another item on "the list" is the matching dresser that is shorter and wider.  This picture does NO JUSTICE, but I went a little crazy and got mismatched antiquey knobs for each drawer.  Yes, they are all the lime/apple green pop color! I LOVE them!  You HAVE to come see them person, seriously, so much better in person!  Oh, and please notice my cool vase thing on the left, another fun/funky thing I picked up!

Finally, here is my bathroom.  I don't think the pictures do it justice, but it's nice and large and luxerious!  Yes, there is a shower and tub.  If you look closely you can see the shower in the mirror.  One of my favorite features in here are the high sinks! Such a nice convenience!  My walk-in closet is to the left of the sinks.  Sorry, no pics yet, its not quite organized!

So, that's it! I hope you enjoyed my tour! Sorry, no pics of the backyard.  It's good size, but nothing terribly exciting, just some grass and shrubs.

Can't wait for you to come visit!

Thursday, September 02, 2010


Sorry to leave you all hanging on the teaser, but it was well worth it.  Here is my exciting news! I purchased a house! I'm a big kid now! Can't wait to move in and show you pics! Here's me in front of the house!