Sunday, July 29, 2007

...i'm a horrible blogger...

well, it seems as though I've gotten in a routine of posting on Sundays. really, its just that i feel bad if I haven't posted in a week, so I force myself to post, even if I don't really have a quality post in me. which is really unfortunate for you, oh so faithful readers! so, anyway, instead of a day by day play be play, I'll give you the highlights of this past week, and then upcoming events.
  • Splash Day was a HIT...we thought at best we might have 15-20 kids...oh no, we had 50 kids, and about 40 adults on a day that was supposed to rain!!! It was super fun...I think it may have to be an annual event!!! Kind of fun for God to surprise you like that, I guess my expectations were too low!
  • Got offered free, second row tickets to a concert with Mandesa, Israel Houghten & Newbreed, TOBY MAC!!!!! and Mercy Me! It was ridiculously fun!!! I went with Rebecca, Jess & Dave Ray!!! Poor Dave was outnumbered, but I think he secretly loved hanging with such crazy girls!!! We worshipped, danced, jumped around, got a little crazy, screamed, all in all, had a great time! Seriously, if you've never sat that close at a concert, I highly recommend it, it's definitely energizing to say the least! I'll try and post pics later so you can see that I could practically touch the artists. We basically breathed the same air...
  • My college friend, Jae, last minute decided to come visit for the weekend. We went to see "No Reservations" (which is super cute), went to a fun restaurant, did some shopping, got in the hot tub...just like old times! Fun to reunite and have a weekend with basically no agenda!

Well, those are the big points from this past week, here's what I have coming up this month:

  • The parents may be coming in for lunch on Friday, we'll see if I rate enough for them to make the effort...
  • "Big Enough For Big Church" breakfast with the Pastor on Saturday...I'm in charge
  • I'm doing the children's sermon in ALL 5 worship services next so sure about that.
  • Preschool Leadership Luau on Sunday, August 12th, again, I'm in charge, haven't even thought about the details...
  • Sunday School Promotion , August 26th
  • Back to seminary on Monday, August 27th, then another weekend class in Ft. Worth the last weekend in August.

If I can just survive til then, things should calm down, we'll see what September hold though...

Super Duper: youth "Re.VIVE. All" this week led by Kristi McCartney herself, should be great!

Super Pooper: in need of a vacation, a real getaway that involved nothing but relaxation...yeah, that might happen some time next decade...

Sunday, July 22, 2007

...daily events...

since I last posted...

Monday - went to hip hop (and got my butt kicked, but loved it!!!)

Tuesday - went to dinner with a dear college friend that is moving from Houston to Illinois :(

Wednesday - ditched out on Wed night activities and headed home to see my family in Corpus. One of my sisters (Katy), my 2 nephews and my niece were all at my parents house for the week.

Thursday - helped take care of my nephew, then my other sister and her husband came down to Corpus to surprise Ashlyn.

Friday - went to a little program for the end of "Music Kamp" that my mom was in charge of, and Ashlyn & Brady were in

Saturday - headed back to Houston, had dinner with friends after church!

Sunday - played volleyball in a league at HFBC!

sorry this post is lame, but that's life lately, I'll let you know if anything exciting comes along...

Super Duper: "Splash Day" is Thursday!!!
Super Pooper: It's supposed to rain on Thursday...booooo!!!!

Sunday, July 15, 2007

...way too tired for details, but here are some pics from Aunt's Weekend...

Ash with diva hair, on our way to our first adventure!

Detective Brady, on the case!

First time ice-skating for both of them!

At the top of the Ferris wheel, we told Brady you're supposed to kiss at the top!! too cute!

On the speed boat, having a great time, getting sopping wet!

Diego Live!!!! Baby Jaguar masks!

The 4 of us at Diego Live!!!

Pretty much the best Aunt's EVER!!!

Super Duper: headed back to hip hop tomorrow night!!!

Super Pooper: I'm exhausted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

...does anybody really know me...

So, I thought I'd share a cool God thing that happened the other day.

I was watching some show or something and they were talking about if anyone really knows you. It made me start thinking. Who knows me? Does anyone really know me? After thinking through my life, it occurred to me that either my mom or my sister (Kelly) probably knows me the best. They know all about my childhood, my upbringing, the hard times, big decisions I've had to make, they listen when I need to talk, they know get me sarcasm and are never surprised by my over dramatic emphasis on mundane everyday details just to try and catch them off guard. But then I started thinking about the things my family doesn't know about me. How at different times in my life different friends may have known parts of me better than my family. Roommates in college, friends on a high school sports team, friends at work, often go through stuff with you on a daily basis and know more about you and your life than you may have time to tell over the phone to your mom.

So then I started thinking. Is there a part of me that no one knows. Absolutely. Which is scary. Makes me think there must be a part of everyone that no one knows. And I think that's OK. For some reason we all have the need to keep part of ourselves to ourselves. OK, so I had randomly been thinking through these introspective thoughts, and the next morning...

I read an entry in a daily devotional guide that I had at work, but I hadn't read in several months, and guess what it was about. It talked about how God knows me. Intimately, inside out and every thought. Which for most of us is scary. But the beautiful truth that I was reminded of, is that He still loves me. Through my sin, through my judgment of others, through my lack of faith and constant self reliance, He still loves me. He knows me better than any human ever will, and He loves me more than any human ever will.

Amazing grace! Praise the Lord!

Just wanted to share how cool God's timing is. He had placed those thoughts in my head about people knowing me, and no one knowing all of me, all just as a set up for an amazing truth in a little devotional. Love words from the Lord like that! Just thought I'd share!

Super Duper: Aunt's Weekend starts tomorrow!!!
Super Pooper: My bathroom tub won't unclog...grrrr

Saturday, July 07, 2007

...just another update???

Maybe this is why Elaine's latest post doesn't have a title, the title box isn't working(so I just made my own title), bummer. anyways, I have this desire to tell you something different than just the latest details of life. I know, life anecdotes are good, and keep you informed, but I feel as though that's all I've posted lately.

waiting and patient

these are often words that I use when people ask me if I have met anyone, or am dating someone "special." Here's the deal, I really think I'm the type of person that would tell you if something like that happened in my life. If you are close enough to me, you'll know, I promise! I won't be able to shut up about it, most likely.

But for now, I do consider myself patient, and definitely waiting. I wouldn't say I'm eager, because I only want the right person at God's right timing, in fact, if He would just clue me in and say, "You will meet your husband in the next 5 years" I really think I would be content with knowing that. It doesn't have to be tomorrow (although if it were, that'd be okay too), but just knowing that it's out there, in my future, that'd be comforting. But I'm not counting on any divine revelation of that manner. I know I must trust in the Lord, and have faith that His timing is perfect. I guess we'll see how patient I am, and at what point I become impatient.

As much as I enjoy weddings, I do hope to get to plan my own some day ...

Super Duper: this may be the best yet Aunt's Weekend
Super Pooper: sometimes busy schedules make it hard to get together with friends

ps - I went to a store the other day and their sale was called a "super duper sale", and you just thought I had made that up!