Monday, October 27, 2008

...Hallo"wii"n 08...

to see all the photos of the night follow this link:

a photo collage to tell the story of last Friday night...a great night that will go down as a favorite Jr. Staff memory! What's not to love about dressing up in costumes and playing wii all night?

Rebecca & I - Starbucks Barista & Venti HOTT Chocolate!

John & Alicia - Kriss Kross

Cliff & Teresa - Hillbilly Trash

Chad - Bond, James Bond

Micah & Laura - Ed McMahon's Prize Patrol & the surprised lady at the door!

Claire, Reid & Lucy - Baby Lucy is a Chinese gymnast, Claire & Reid are her coaches

Ashley - Sarah Mavericky of her!

Jess & Dave - Hurricane Ike & Joe the Plumber!

Girls rockin out on Guitar Hero!!!

Seriously, I love my friends, I love that we can laugh, I love that God has put each of them in my life!!! Good times, good times!

Super Duper: Baylor, friends, what's not to love?

Super Pooper: my throat just started hurting...could be the beginning of something :(

Friday, October 24, 2008

...Fridays off...

I love having Friday off!

I especially love it when I don't have much going on! Not setting my alarm clock and just sleeping til I wake up...glorious! Lounging around on a beautiful crisp day like today. Taking care of errands, the freedom to get things done, or not to! I love that I can go to the mall during the day and it not be as crazy busy as it is on Saturday. Less traffic because most others are at work! All around - GREAT!

Of course there are plenty of Fridays that I don't get to enjoy just chillin. Many weekends I'm working, traveling or doing something else that gets in the way of having a completely selfish day!

But today I woke up leisurely, got ready leisurely, and am now off to take care of a few things at work, then get my costume ready for tonight! Yes, you can expect pictures soon!

So, cheers to a great day off!

Super Duper: BEA-U-TIFUL day today!!! What I call a brochure day! Just makes you love life a little more!
Super Pooper: I've had a headache this morning that just won't quit!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

...odds & ends...

1 - i had a super busy and fun weekend, full of work, friends & even a fundraiser event

2 - i have made a few exceptions on the "spending freeze" but not by shopping...i needed a few things for my costume for Friday night (more on that later), and at the fundraiser I did buy coffee & a CD, but hey, it was for a good cause...

3 - lately people's missuse of the words their/there/they're has really annoyed me

4 - I have a test on Thursday that is going to kick my but, yet I'm still not motivated to study

5 - we hired a new secretary at work...hope it works out well!!!

6 - I'm loving the cooler weather, and can't wait for it to get even colder (we'll see how long this lasts!)

7 - We're having the 2nd annual Hallo"wii"n Jr. Staff gathering...I would tell you about my costume...but its a surprise!!! I'm super excited...I promise I'll post pics!!

8 - My mom & dad officially bought our plane tickets for Kelly's wedding in March!!! We'll be gone a full about a VACATION!!!! Puerto Rico here we come!!!

9 - My sisters started a jewelry making business...mainly beaded necklaces, but they are cracking me up. They even named it, Klassy Kreations (Ks, since we're all Ks in my fam).They are making a website, business cards, etc. I'll post pics of the merchandise if I get some...its pretty cute stuff, makes great gifts!

10 - struggling with what to do with the hair...grow it out? shape it up? hmmmm...

That's about it for now.

Super Duper: I too tried and loved the salted caramel hot chocolate at S-bucks!
Super Pooper: family reunion is cancelled :(

Monday, October 13, 2008

...same song, 4th verse...

every year around this time I get excited about Baylor Homecoming

every year I have to juggle spending time with family and friends while I am there

every year I think I have coordinated everything and made plans with everyone so that I can see everyone that I want to see and do all the things I want to do involved with Homecoming

every year my family changes their plans and it messes me up

every year I get frustrated because I thought I had it all figured out

every year I still go to Homecoming

every year I still have a great time

every year I still get to see everyone that I want to

Can't we just skip the nasty inbetween frustrating part?

Super Duper: my nephew, Brady is getting baptized on Nov 2!!!
Super Pooper: when I told him I couldn't be there because I work at a church, he said, "Can't you just tell them you need a day's really important." :(

Thursday, October 09, 2008

...when it rains it pours...

This week has been rotten, down right rotten.

My allergies are going crazy! Its out of control. I'm so run down that I'm grumpy! That's right, apparently somewhere along the way I became a grumpy sick person.

On top of my foul mood I've had a super stressful week at work...which has made me even more irritable. I'm confident I've been no fun to be around. I just kind of sulked around the office feeling sorry for myself all week.

I hate bad weeks. Hopefully its almost over. I've got a chill weekend on the horizon, surely next week has to be better, right? Surely...

Super Duper: so far so good on the "spending freeze"
Super Pooper: the amount of money i've spent on allergy meds, kleenex, nasal spray, and now i'm headed to the dr tomorrow...great, a nice co-pay and probably a prescription...getting sick is expensive!

Saturday, October 04, 2008

...spending freeze...

I know...I would have never thought those words would come out of my mouth either! You see, last weekend I was a bit hasty and treated myself a bit much. It started at the outlet mall, then continued at the Baylor Bookstore and the cute little place called Sironia, oh, and don't forget the purchase I made in Salado at The Red Barn...when I got home and checked the checking account...well, lets just say it wasn't pretty. With Christmas on the horizon, I have decided to quarintine my plastic and go on a spending freeze!

Allow me to explain the spending freeze. I will allow myself to buy necessities. Things like make-up, presents for others, that's allowed. Just nothing for myself. I mean food and things at the grocery, obviously, just no clothes, shoes (ouch!), purses, jewelry, etc.

What I can't decide is how long I must enforce this on myself. I was thinking maybe I could go all the way through til Christmas, but Rebecca doubts my self control. She thinks I should allow myself some sort of stipulation, like, I can buy something if it is less than $10. My problem with that thinking is that 1o things less than $10 would add up justifying that could still get me in trouble.

My question to you think I can do it? Is 3 months too long? Should I allow small purchases as Rebecca suggested? Or maybe one purchase a month?

OK, i'll keep you posted and let you know how I'm doing.

Super Duper: Worship in the NEW WORSHIP CENTER TOMORROW!!!
Super Pooper: apartment is a disaster zone