Wednesday, April 30, 2008 of those moments where I just wanted to disappear...

I wasn't planning on posting tonight, but I HAD to share this story...

I'm not sure how much I've mentioned the cute IT guy at work. He's not on staff at my church, just contracted out to work a few days in our offices. Anywho, he's been around a year or more now, and we're buds...and maaaybe my friends & I joke around about him liking me, how hot he is, etc, etc...ya know, it keeps things lively.

So today, I brought my laptop to cute IT Guy because my javascript has been messing up and I thought he would know how to fix it.

I'm sitting by his cubicle with my laptop on my lap, he's standing over my shoulder. He's helping me find the wireless network, log on, etc.

I told him that my work email had messed up last night and decided to show him what I was talking about.

I sign in to my work email and the FIRST email that is highlighted AND bolded AND the body of the email is showing in the reading pane to the right is from my dear (and now suffering from a black eye) friend, Rebecca (side note: we probably send each other an average of 5o emails a week, you know "wanna go to lunch?" or "coffee?" or "I'm sick of working!" - little one liners like that).

Well with cute IT Guy standing right over my shoulder Rebecca's email's subject reads "quit" and in the reading pane "flirting" - so VERY obviously reading "quit flirting" - lets just say, there's no chance he didn't see it!

I think I froze and kinda laughed awkwardly...this is where I literally wanted to disappear.

I kinda ignored it, trying to switch to another email, but looking SOOO obvious the whole time!

He was the kind gentleman that he is and ignored it!

I'm sure my face was BEET red! We quickly finished our conversation and I left my laptop with him to fiddle around with for a while.

You best believe I didn't want to talk to him for the rest of the day! Of course my gut was to be furious with Rebecca (that was a joke about the black eye), but she didn't know, how could she know he would be standing over my shoulder, and that I would open my email up right in front of him? It just as easily could have been me sending her that email, and her ending up in an awkward situation. So, while I was mortified, I managed to laugh about it and make it a comical story.

Mind you, I'm still embarrassed...but life's short, if we don't laugh at ourselves, someone else will, right?

Hope you enjoyed that anecdote at my expense!

Super Duper: my gift for Lillian arrived today...JUST IN TIME!
Super Pooper: that paper's not going to write itself!

Monday, April 28, 2008 to suggestions...

I'll be the first to admit that my posts have been L-A-M-E lately!

If anyone has any ideas, questions you might have that I could answer, PLEASE, suggest away!

I'm open to any topic suggestions!

Super Duper: One presentation down!
Super Pooper: Feeling behind and like I don't have any time this week!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

...this week snuck up on me...

Having gone out of town this weekend, and getting back with a busy weekend at church, including a 6am phone call that informed me that I had to be at church by 7:30, a children's sermon and a luncheon after church, it all of a sudden occurred to me that I am overbooked this week.

Tomorrow morning (Monday) I have a teaching presentation that I am probably only 80% prepared for.

Next Monday I have a book review/analysis and comparison (10-12 pages) that I have to give an 8-10 min presentation over. Have I read the book? No. Do I have time this week AT ALL to read the book or write the paper? NO!

I do have a free Monday night, so we'll see how productive I am, but it will be a long day, and I love Dancing with the the odds are slim.

Mind you I have to work all day, then Tuesday night I'm volunteering at a fundraiser for Aid Sudan, which I'm excited about, just wish it weren't this week.

Then, Wednesday night I have church and meetings, etc.

Thursday morning the staff is heading to Camp Tejas for a staff retreat. We'll be there til after lunch on Friday.

Then straight to Waco for me to help throw Lillian's lingerie shower.

Saturday morning is hang out with sister, niece and nephew in Waco. Then back to Houston to cover Saturday night.

Sunday is typical church routine.

Then have to have that paper ready for class Monday morn...when's it going to get written again? Hmmm...odds are it won't be my best work. The bad part is, it doesn't really even bother me!

Guess I'm ready for a nice loooooooong summer break!

Odds are I won't post again til next week. Sorry.

Super Duper: fun few days in Temple with my PRECIOUS nephews. Wish I had a picture to share, but my camera battery was dead :(

Super Pooper: waaaay too many miles on the car this semester!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

...something a little more light hearted...

man, i've been a downer lately. sorry about that. not my usual style...guess life goes in waves.

so, to try and lighten things up...

things I'm looking forward to:
  • seeing my nephews on Thursday
  • being done with school for a few months! - last project due on May 5!!!
  • lillian's lingerie shower
  • summer interns coming!
  • lillian's wedding
  • VBS - of course with mixed emotions
  • Aunt's Weekend
  • Girl's Weekend getaway to San Antonio/San Marcos!!!
  • Trip to Cali!

Welp, I think that's it for now.

Super Duper: great turn out for both the VBS dinner and training this weekend!

Super Pooper: bills...yuck!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

...i quit at being an adult...

ever have those days where you just want to run away? to a place where there's no responsibility, no reality, no hormones, no conflict, no deadlines. Basically where you don't have to be an adult.

well, i've had one of those weeks.

I knew it would be a busy week with VBS dinner and training this weekend, but all sorts of junk has crept up...unwelcome junk I might add. emotional junk that just beats you down, you know?


well...heads up, next week is sure to be better, right? surely.

here's to better days ahead...

Super Duper: friends that let you vent
Super Pooper: 3 assignments due on Monday that I haven't even started, and I'm working ALL weekend...hmmm...when's that supposed to get done?

Monday, April 14, 2008

...nothing worth posting about...

Nothing in particular worth posting about, so random thoughts running through my head are:

I went home this past weekend. Had a great time eating at my fave restaurants. Fun shopping with mom. Got way too much, probably! :) Also made a trip to the eye dr...that was a chunk of change :(

Have tons of school work I should be doing! Stuff for my weekend class still due, and 2 major projects for my Teaching Principles class...woohoo, all in the next 3 weeks!

The new schedule for classes next semester came out, rotten options. Not the classes I need at the times I need it...booooo, I'll worry about that later!

We have a huge VBS training this weekend that I've been working with a team on for over a month! Pray people come and are inspired and excited to be helping with VBS!

Can't decide what to do about my hair. It's getting long, almost too long. So I should cut it, but I want long hair for Lillian's wedding, and then I'm thinking to cut off 10 inches for locks of love after the wedding. So, with this in mind, I need to keep it long...hmmmm, decisions, decisions!

Well, that's all I got for now!

Super Duper: $10 spring purse that I love!
Super Pooper: didn't sleep well last night, as in, I maaaybe got 3 hrs :(

Wednesday, April 09, 2008


Well, since Sunday afternoon I have had no internet connection at my apartment :(

It's sad to realize how addicted I am to nightly checking my email, facebook and other blogs! Although, it's probably been a good forced retreat.

So here's the story. I got home Sunday afternoon to find that my modem did not appear to be functioning properly and I thus had no internet connection. So I rebooted, unplugged, replugged, etc, when I replugged in the modem...nothing...crickets...dead as a doornail, no power whatsoever :(

So Monday night when I got home, I called AT&T tech support. After having me d0 a number of ridiculous things to prove to him that it was dead, one of which meant plugging the modem into an outlet in the bathroom, the nice tech guy finally agreed and confirmed that my modem was dead and I was going to have to purchase a new one since my warranty was expired.

Here's the conversation from this point on:

Tech Guy: "Ma'am, can you read me the serial number on the bottom of the modem?"

Me: "Sure, its (insert random numbers & letters here)"

Tech Guy: "Ma'am are you using a laptop or a desktop?"

Me: "Laptop"

Tech Guy: "Is the laptop wireless capable?"

Me: "Yes, but the modem isn't, so I use a cable to connect. But maybe now would be a good time to get a wireless modem since I'm going to have to buy a new one anyways. Would my current internet service support a wireless connection?"

Tech Guy: "'am...the modem that you currently have is wireless capable, or well, it was, before it died."

Me: "What? You mean I could have been using my laptop through a wireless connection for the last year and a half?"

Tech Guy: "Well, yeah, but now it's dead so it doesn't matter anyways."

So there you have not so brilliant moment of the year! I've been limited to using my laptop on my couch because I thought I had to hook up to the internet, when all this time, I could have used my laptop in my bedroom, at the breakfast table, on the balcony! But no, I'm the idiot that never thought to try and set up my laptop to the wireless connection!

In my defense, I bought the modem about 3 years ago, and the laptop I had at the time was not wireless capable (from the stone ages, I know!), but then about a year and a half ago when I got a new laptop it just never occurred to me that my modem might be wireless...brilliant Kasey, brilliant!

So $100 later and a few days of shipping, I'll have a new wireless modem and soon be able to roam about with my laptop on the internet in my apartment!

Super Duper: Going home for a quick restful trip of shopping, good food, pedicure, eye exam, and picking up my b-maid dress that was getting hemmed for Lillian's wedding!
Super Pooper: I tried to pull together my group of work/church friends for a game night, but it just didn't make. Apparently ministry keeps us all busy! :(

Saturday, April 05, 2008

...follow up...

To understand this post, you need to be sure and have read the previous post (April 4)

I just had to share how good our God is!

So, today, I went to check my mail, which I don't do terribly often...once a week at best. I think I had checked it earlier this week, but it had probably been at least 3 or 4 days, so checking 2x in one week is rare, but I had the time and thought why not. There was a letter in there from my dad, postdated March it had probably been in there a few days. But today, the Lord guided me to check my mail, today.

What you have to know is that my dad sometimes has to send me documents, and chooses to insert a little personal note. When I say sometimes, I mean maybe a few random times throughout the year...not terribly often. Anyways, this is some of what the note said:

"These are the best days of your life...give it all you've got and give God the Glory. Remember, if it were easy, God wouldn't have chosen you to be where you are. An Awesome God makes an Awesome Kasey."

Just a pic of my dad with 2 of his grandsons.

Thanks for being so amazing and so in tune with the Lord that He can speak through you - and no, this isn't the first, and I'm sure it won't be that last time!

OK God, I get it! You don't like me getting all down on myself. I know you are in control, and honestly, I find it humorous how you choose to use people (my dad in this case) when they don't even realize how much truth they are speaking directly from You!

Thank you Lord for your perfect timing. Perfect timing in the small things, like me opening this letter today. Perfect timing in the big things, like when I'll meet my mate.

Thank you Lord for caring about me personally. Watching over me, knowing my deepest emotions, hurts, joys and yearnings.

Thank you for reminding me, ever so subtly, that you are in control, and I have to let go and submit to your plan, daily.

You are Awesome and its a joy to serve you...even in the valley.

Super Duper: Apartment, laundry, dishes, etc all looking better and making progress!!!
Super Pooper: It's a GLORIOUS day outside, and I'm stuck inside cleaning, when I'd MUCH rather be reading that new book out by the pool!

Friday, April 04, 2008

...the real me...

Often when I tell people that I have a blog, if they are not familiar with the blog world, they don't understand. They question the idea of keeping a journal that anyone and everyone can read. I quickly explain to them that a blog isn't necessarily a person's innermost thoughts, but rather can be funny anecdotes, random goings on, pictures, or some sort of list...just the idea of keeping up with people, it's handy and personal in an impersonal way.

Anywho, tonight, I defy what I have always said, that my blog is not my innermost thoughts. Tonight I'm in a contemplative mood, and thus, the rest of this post...

If I showed you the real me, you would know...

...that I don't always love being single, especially on nights like tonight when I have to show up at an event alone, and people are kind enough to point out, "Did you come alone?"

...that my relationship with Christ isn't what it should be, but then again, what exactly should it be?

...that I still miss my college friends, and long for a group of friends that hangs out, chills, eats, celebrates b-days, etc.

...that I secretly envy my friends who have found "the one"...and often wonder when's it my turn?

...that I wish I were a size 6.

I'm sure there's more, but that's plenty for tonight.

I may regret posting this, and then delete it...we'll see how I feel in the morning.

Super Duper: this amazing lady i know from church wrote a book of historical fiction on the desperate situation in Sudan, went to a book release party for it tonight. Check it out, purchase it - - I haven't read it, but I bought it and will let you know. I'm SURE it's AMAZING!

Super Pooper: People constantly asking me when I'm graduating from seminary. Me telling them I still have another year and half. Then them trying to pretend like that's just around the them awkward moments!

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

...economic stimulus...

Supposedly we're all getting this money from the gov''s my thoughts on how I'll stimulate the economy -
  • plane ticket to Cali
  • plane ticket to Lil's wedding
  • beef up savings account (obviously not what the gov't wants me to do!)
  • pay off credit card
  • put it towards student loans
  • shop shop shopping! New Outlet Mall???? I think yes!
  • a massage!!!
  • new bedding
  • new piece of furniture for my bedroom
  • Other? Any ideas?

Odds are I'll do a combination of 2 or 3 of these options...I'd love to hear any ideas you had for me, and what you plan to do to stimulate the economy!

Sorry for the kinda random post.

Super Duper: staying in town this weekend!

Super Pooper: missing the kids already...pathetic, I know