Sunday, September 30, 2007

...odds & ends...

Thanks to all who humored me and responded to my previous post.

Here's a brief update:

  • Had a rough start to last week...experienced first hand why they say ministry is hard. Really kind of shook me to the core, took several days to get everything straightened out.

  • Went to Ft Worth for class this past weekend. Got to see all my sisters, the neice and nephews, and my Lillian. It actually made having to make the trip for class worth while. The kiddos are each so adorable, and really, I'm not biased!

  • There was this annoying girl in my class. I was sitting by the only semi-cute boy in class. She came over and tried to flirt with him (and seemed annoyed that I was sitting by him). He seemed indifferent towards her, but I wasn't too sure. She was talking to him about going to dinner that night with some mutual friends. I couldn't figure out if they were going out or what? Found out the next day he thought she was annoying too, and that the dinner was pretty was REALLY funny!!! It hadn't been a date, and he hoped more than anything she wasn't interested!!! Don't know why, but the whole thing made me laugh.

  • Had a big test last Monday, we'll see how that turned out...not real excited to get it back tomorrow, but don't think it was that bad.

  • My flag football team was in 3rd place going in to our game on Friday, and they won...we should be in good shape for the end of season tournament!!!

I think that's about it.

Super Duper: Nashville in 1 week!

Super Pooper: not really wanting to be in seminary lately...been in too long and still have quite a ways to go...

Friday, September 21, 2007 stalker???

I was wondering how many of you might be willing to humor me in a "roll call"

you fellow bloggers out there know, we write, we bare our souls, and have no clue who tunes in, who secretly hopes we have posted, who gets a kick out of our random tales of life

so, whether i know you read my blog religiously, or maybe you are a silent stalker and just like checking in every now and then, even if we haven't talked in years, let me know that you're out there, it'll make my day!

I'd like to ask each of you to leave a comment, just to see who's out there, in this blog-o-sphere. to make things more interesting, why don't you each tell me a funny time we had, or a favorite memory we have (if you can't think of one, make something up...haha, i'm sooo random!)

c'mon now, you know you want to, hit that comment button, let me know you stopped by

Super Duper: Saw "Sydney White" tonight and a girl I went to high school with is in it...and has several lines...weird, and funny, and kinda cool all at the same time.
Super Pooper: Still more studying to do!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007 of those days...

today was one of those days

today had one amazing aspect, and several other not so amazing aspects.

The one highlight - the steeple & cross went up on the new sanctuary!!! we had a really nice gathering to watch it all go in place. cool to get to be a part of it all!!! I'll try and post a pic later.

the rest, not so good -
  • busy busy busy
  • left foot really hurts, not sure if its from all the walking in DC, but its a sharp pain up the left side :(
  • forgot my flag football clothes for practice, so I had to make a special trip home to get them
  • tired from standing out in the sun
  • headed to flag football practice, not sure where i was going (which I hate driving when I don't know where I'm going) and ended up taking the looooong way to get there
  • finally got there, it was getting dark, couldn't find them, drove around for 20 mins looking for the team, no luck :( I never found them, so I just went home.

all this put me in a rather unpleasant mood. just needed to come home and not be around people. I almost thought I might cry out of frustration (which is sooooo not me). boys, i'm sorry if this is tmi - but its one of those girl times where you know you are overreacting to things, but you don't care because you're hormonal, and no matter how much you tell yourself to just relax, you can't.

so, here's to tomorrow being better...i hope!

Super Duper: I'm going to get to see Natalie & Valerie when I got to Nashville in a few weeks!!

Super Pooper: Big test on Monday, then 2 papers due the following Friday!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

...a monumental trip...

Last Wednesday my friend Emily Belek and I headed to VA to see our beloved Elaine! Here's a photo play by play of what was the most fabulous trip I've been on in a loooonng time!!!

touring the Jamestown settlement with our personal tour guide, Brian Flores himself!...this is a replica of a Powhatan hut

lovely friends after a lovely dinner on a lovely day

day two: in colonial Williamsburg, trying out the fashionable bonnets from the time period!

the 4 of us went to DC for the day on Saturday. I had never been so I was uber pumped to see the sights. Brian & Elaine are veteran tourists, and made great tour guides! Funny story - turned out there was a MASSIVE anti war protest that was crazy chaos with thousands of protesters. We had front row seats, saw them with their protester signs, yelling at the pro-war people, then saw several of them get arrested. Definitely made for a memorable first trip!!!

it was a "brochure" day! temp was about 75 degrees, a light breeze occasionally! made for great conditions to be outside, which was nice, but that didn't keep our feet from hurting. Emily and I weren't sure we were going to make it, and I'm not being dramatic, we were in serious pain, but even with that in mind, it was an amazing day to be in DC with some of my fave peeps!

It really was a great trip. From seeing all the sights to just hanging out like old times. It seemed like we ate all the time, cooked together, watched 'Friends', played phase 10, watched old SING dvds, stayed up just talking, catching up...really, couldn't have asked for more.

Good times good times!

Super Duper: Going to da 'stros game on Tuesday.

Super Pooper: Reality strikes, back to the real world!

Sunday, September 09, 2007

...quicker than quick update...

sorry for a repeat bullet format post, but it's just so darn efficient!
  • fah-bulous Jr Staff game night on Thursday night! Had and unexpected 13 ppl there, played a mean game of Family Feud!!! Super Fun!
  • hung out with Jamie for her birthday on Friday night - fun times!
  • Chad Bertrand got crank called at the Baskin Robbins by some teenie bopper girls...HILARIOUS!!! yes, they actually called the BR and asked for him!
  • played flag football on Saturday. The first game was sweltering hot...seriously, one guy on my team lost his lunch. I wasn't sure we could make it through a second game, but a cloud moved in and the Lord blessed us with a light sprinkle to cool us off!!! ps - I'm sooooo sore! pathetic!
  • did some hard core reading for class today! read it 2x, highlighted, and took notes...sad thing is, I'll probably still not do well on the quiz...there's something wrong with that!
  • back to class tomorrow...boooo
  • I'll probably be worthless for the first part of this week cuz I'm so uber pumped to go to VA with Emily to see Elaine (oh yeah, and Brian too, haha).

so, don't count on another post til I get back from VA! you can count on pics, and hopefully a good post some time next week! so, til then...keep it real!

Super Duper: a boy asked me if I was "ready to go out"

Super Pooper: he meant for a pass in football :( haha

Wednesday, September 05, 2007 much to say...

such a wide variety of things i could fill ya'll in on...let's try bullet format for concise, yet comprehensive post
  • ran home last weekend, on a whim, mom spoiled me rotten, favorite food, shopping, pedicure = awesome!
  • chill labor day, cleaned up the apt, got caught in the rain at the grocery, hung out with friends
  • had an awesome girls night last night, time of prayer, sharing, really was GREAT, we're going to try and meet monthly, for encouragement, prayer, etc!!!! we're calling it "SPILL IT!!!"
  • found out today that the I-term that I need to take in January overlaps with a Children's Ministry Retreat that I was going to go to in January...major bummer! Not sure what I'm going to do, don't want to have to pick!
  • Jr Staff game night tomorrow night...should be fun!
  • Flag football on Saturday...we'll see how that goes!

Super Super Super Duper: I'LL BE IN VA ONE WEEK FROM TONIGHT!!!!

Super Pooper: being an "adult" ie - making decisions, paying bills, working, having to count and figure "vacation days"