Sunday, August 30, 2009


The CUTEST nursery for the CUTEST baby girl!!! My sister made this bow holder! Yes, I know, PRECIOUS!

My mom & sister are too good for a plain old nursery set, so they had this made! It really is the cutest nursery!

Ash & I with baby Macie shortly after she was born!

Traditional sister pic with the new baby!

Don't know why, I love naked baby pics!

Bow holder converted into name thing that hung on the hospital door. Yes, it was a hit! Even the nurses raved about how cute it is!

Big Brother Cole with "his baby"

I couldn't stand it any longer, we just had to try out one of the flower headbands I had made! I LOVE IT!!! She had her hospital photo shoot taken with it, and even the photographer said she had never seen a newborn baby with such a big flower on their head! ha! LOVE IT!
Macie's cousin Brady loves babies!

He loves "Maymi"

One last pic with my Macie girl! I loved spending the first 4 days of her life with her! It was hard to leave, and I already miss her terribly! She is such a sweet sweet baby and so far seems to be really easy going!

Monday, August 24, 2009

...and then there were 6...

I'm headed out tomorrow afternoon because they are inducing my sister on Wednesday!!!! Hopefully by lunch time little Macie McKaren Collier will have graced us with her presence! I'm taking my laptop and most hospitals nowadays have wireless, so I'll see what I can do about posting some pics...if not you'll have to wait til next week. Until then, you can rest assured that I am loving on, rocking, humming to, and hopefully lulling to sleep my newest niece. Ah, sounds amazing already! Yup, there's nothing better than a newborn baby! Catch ya on the flip side!

Oh, and in case you aren't keeping up, this is my 2nd niece and I already have 4 nephews, so that makes a total of 6. There really should be a gender neutral term for niece & nephew. You know, for example,

male: brother
female: sister
neutral: sibling


male: father
female: mother
neutral: parent

I would like to be able to say I have 6 (insert gender neutral term here).

Anywho, I digress. Have a great week!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Beach and Bows

Last Friday Rebecca & I had a fabulous day at the beach! Such a great way to spend a Friday off!
They say you can have sympathy pains, but I've been wondering if you can have sympathy nesting? This past week I've randomly taken up the craft of bow making. I don't really know where I came up with the idea, well, actually, I've been reading this lady's blog lately and she puts the most precious bows on her baby girl! So, I decided my soon-to-be niece needed bows...made by me (that's the part I'm not sure where it came from, what made me think I could or should make the bows instead of buy them?) So, here are a few of my creations (all of the bows are on clips and are detachable from the headbands):

Welp, that's what I've been up to!

The Good News: Macie should be born next Wednesday, unless she comes on her own!!!

The Bad News: I seem to be blogging less and less frequently.

Friday, August 07, 2009


I've been a horrible blogger lately, so I thought I would just do a generic update...

...last weekend I went to McAllen for my cousin's wedding. The rehearsal dinner was literally down the road from the house that my grandpa built and my dad grew up in. It was really neat to see all the land they owned and farmed. The day of the wedding was actually the anniversary of when my grandma passed away last year, kind of bittersweet. One of the highlights of the rehearsal was when one of my cousin's (the groom's sister) got up to the microphone during the toasting time and said she wasn't sure whether my Mamaw would be happy for or jealous of Randy (the groom). This is hilarious because my Mamaw always especially loved Randy, but was also always on the hunt for a husband herself.

...this is my first chill weekend at home since May!!! I do need to do massive cleaning on the apartment, but mainly I'm just being a bum and then going to a movie and dinner with Jamie! Ah, yes, sounds amazing! my previous post mentions, I have officially turned in my final assignment for seminary. This is somewhat a surreal and anticlimactic moment. Yes, it's terribly exciting, but hasn't quite sunk in. I think in a few weeks when classes start back up, it will feel real! Then in December when I get my diploma, that might seal the deal. None the less, it's exciting!

...August should be somewhat low key...that is until my sister has her baby!!!! Unless Macie McKaren Collier decides to come early, Kristy will be induced on Wednesday, August 26. I'm on tap to be the helper, the driver, the what ever is needed person Wednesday - Saturday, sounds good to me! Might be exhausting, but those first few days with a newborn are precious!

...I am BEYOND excited for a fun-filled-way-too-short girls weekend (or 24+ hours really) with my lovely ladies, Lainey & Em!!!! We finally figured out a way to make a quick get together weekend work on the Sunday & Monday of Labor Day!!! Wooohooo!!! Can't wait!

That's about all that's on the horizon. Should be a good next few weeks all in all! Oh, and sorry for a lack of posts with pictures, my camera is dead. I'm trying to make do with my iphone until I can get another camera, but I never think to whip it out and take any pictures. I'll try and do better!

Much love! Have a super weekend!

Tuesday, August 04, 2009


Today was a monumental day! Today, I turned in my final assignment EVER for seminary. I knew it was coming, but it kind of all hit me today, as I was printing it all out and sending it in. It was a pretty great feeling! I think it is still sinking in, and unfortunately it's all a bit anticlimactic, seeing as I won't graduate until December because there is no August graduation, and even then I think I am going to receive my diploma in absentia, so they will just mail me my diploma, and then I will walk in the Houston graduation next Spring. It will be weird to be celebrating next May, seeing as how I won't have taken a class in a full year, but it's a significant achievement and at least at this point I think I want to still want to walk next May. The nice part is, if next spring I change my mind, then I don't have to walk if I don't want to, we'll just play it by ear. Bottom line, I'm done, forever! And yes, I'm a cheeseball (as if you didn't already know that) and took a goofy picture of me being excited with my final papers!

The Good News: Just made plans with 2 of my best girls to spend part of Labor Day weekend together!!!
The Bad News: I was the ONLY single girl at my cousin's wedding, making for an awkward bouquet toss...thankfully, I was a good sport!