Saturday, August 25, 2012

I'm alive

A few of you have been on my case for a blog update, which is admittedly overdue! So, in an attempt to show you what my summer has looked like, here are some iPhone pics I've taken over the past few months. Thanks for sticking around guys, even during the months of inactivity! Warning, this gets kinda long!

80s themed end of school Middle school lock in!

Fun weekend with my nieces & nephews in May

2 fun weddings in May! Why don't these hotties have dates? Lol

With Rebs

Loved seeing Abby in May!

Then we had a Memorial Day party to say good-bye to my dear friends, the Lusks! Love these jokers!

Farewell slumber party for Teresa! Fun with these ladies!

VBS prep = getting ice cream with the intern!

VBS week with my nieces & nephews

( yes, I put the kids to work cleaning my house when they stay with me! Lol) actually, they beg to do this!

Headed off to Camp Tallowood 2012! Fun times with Raquel!

Annual Saints (sponsors) vs. Sinners (seniors) softball game at camp!

I know this looks strange, but there was no AC on the bus on the way home, it was worse than hot! So some of the men opened the emergency exit in the roof and directed some airflow into the bus! It was glorious and hilarious!

After camp shot! Love these girls!

Quick trip to Corpus for more time with these crazies!

My parents came to Houston for a quick trip to work on my dining room! First paint in the house! Still need curtains...but its a work in progress :)

Another fun trip to Corpus for time with the kiddos...this time Sloane & Kelly were in from SLC! Fun times!

Fun night at Miller Outdoor Theater watching Annie! Such a fun end of summer thing to do with Jamie!

And then went back this past Thursday for a viewing of Pretty In Pink! It was a fun breezy night! Look at those clouds rolling in!

Well, that should catch you up! You can tell I was busy with church stuff (VBS & Camp) but even more so time with friends & family! Was a great summer! Thank you Lord for the blessings in my life!

Thanks for tuning in!