Tuesday, July 27, 2010

...yes, I'm alive!!!

alas, i know, my leave of absence is unforgivable.  i could sit here and beg forgiveness, but instead of dwelling on my lack of posting, let's concentrate on the fact that AM posting...see, much more positive spin on it all, really!

Really, the only way to completely tell you what's been going on is through pictures, well, at least the only enjoyable way, ha!

So, back in June, we had a BLAST at VBS 2010! Here are just a few pics!

With my intern @ VBS family night!

With my nephew after the VBS musical!

My amazing friend, Jamie, got me tix to see Wicked as a graduation present.  Thanks, Jamie! So, Kelly came down to go see it with me.  We headed to Mac and got full "night on the town" make-overs before the show. Here we are at Grand Lux Cafe before heading to the show.

For the 4th of July I headed down to CC to spend some time with my parents, 2 sisters & all 6 nieces and nephews.  It was super fun, and unfortunately I left my camera in the car...boo!!!

The night I got back in town, I had 2 crazy ladies, Jana & Sheri staying with me for the week.  It was super fun and always entertaining!

Just 2 days after they left, I was off to Dallas for the 6th annual AUNT'S WEEKEND! Man, the kids were pumped!!! Our theme was "Wacky Water Weekend."

We hit up the aquarium.

Sang Karaoke at The Magic Time Machine

"We are Family"

and had a BLAST at Hurricane Harbor

and that's just the highlights!

In other news...I GOT A NEW JOB!!!

I have been dying to tell you guys even though you probably already know!

Remember last February when I told you this?  Well, it's been several months, there was a formal search committee that searched far and wide for the person God has to be the next Minister of Preschool Education @ Tallowood.  Yes, I went through a formal interview, as did other candidates.  Through the whole process God was growing me, teaching me, stretching me...and He's not done yet.  Anywho, several weeks ago the committee told me that I was their choice!  They announced it to the church just a few weeks ago, the church voted this past Sunday, and the congregation approved!!! I have accepted the call and am officially the new Minister of Preschool Education, starting August 1!!!

Some of you may know that this is a dream come true.  5 years ago I couldn't believe that God had placed me at Tallowood as the Preschool Ministry Associate.  Now here I am, in awe of my God who has blessed me with a new position at the same wonderful church! So, here's to a new adventure!

Yes, I am moving next door to a new office.  It was painted today, wish I could show you the color, it's amazing!! Here are a few items I have picked out to personalize my new space!
(below, this is a loveseat, not a full couch)

Pictures to follow when it's all said and done!

My mom is coming this weekend to help me put the finishing touches on it!

So, that's what's been going on.  August is sure to be a busy month as well!  I'll try to do better, I promise!!!