Tuesday, July 25, 2006

...what makes a bad day bad?

today was just one of those days. I was easily earitable and found myself snapping at people who really didn't deserve it. I know I'm not the only one who gets like this. It's like you hear yourself over reacting, but you don't care, what ever the situation is, it's annoying you and you are going to let the person know. Seriously, I was out of control today. I just found myself being so frustrated with people and feeling underappreciated. Man, it was out of control. I really don't know what brought it on, but I haven't had a day like this in a super long time. The thing is, there wasn't any one thing that just made today horrible, but I sure managed to be in a "mood" today. All I know is that I don't want to have another day like this for a super long time, for ever if I can help it!

Super Duper: A super fun wedding this Saturday, and then a Kelly Clarkson concert that night!!!
Super Pooper: things seem to be just status quo

Friday, July 21, 2006

...I owe you a post...

I don't have much to say. Things are just status quo. I think I'll keep this short, since the my most recent posts have been CRAZY long.

Super Duper: had a great day off today.
Super Pooper: need to do MASIVE cleaning of the apt tomorrow!

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

...this is my 100th post...

Pics from the Waterpark
( Aunt's Weekend - See previous post)
These are just the pics from the waterpark, I haven't downloaded the others.

Brady and Ash and me in the wave pool!

Brady bein' silly!

You know you love that smile!

All snuggled up, ready to go home!

Our cool visors that we made!

Super Duper: I got to see my long lost friend Lainey this past weekend!

Super Pooper: I don't get to see her enough!!!

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

...2nd Annual Aunt's Weekend...

I'm afraid I've been a lil delayed with my post about Aunt's Weekend. I'm sorry, but I'm having issues with my pictures. I'll have to give you the run down now and pictures later...sorry!

Let's go for a play by play.

Thursday, July 6th:
2:44 pm - Brady and I left from his house to pick up Ashlyn in Waco!

5:16 pm - Brady, Ashlyn and I arrived at Kelly's town house in Arlington!

6:19 - The four of us headed to RainForest Cafe at Grapevine Mills (in our homemade matching shirts, with our iron on logos)!!! The kids LOVED it! They got to have cups that had spinny lights in the bottom of them...soooo cool!! Brady loved the elephants and alligator, and Ashlyn loved the jaguars!!! Then they each picked a souvenir to take home! Brady got an alligator that shoots water out of its mouth and Ashlyn got a super soft jaguar. It was a hit!

8:51 - got back to Kelly's and decorated foam visors for the kids to keep and take to the water park the next day! Then decorated some gift bags with stickers for the kids to take all their goodies from the weekend home in!!!

10:33 - tried to get the 2 kiddos off to bed by reading a bedtime story, but instead they ended up acting out Sleeping Beauty. They had crowns and little robes and everything, it was pretty hilarious, I'll be sure to post a pic when I get the chance.

Friday, July 7th:
7:02 AM!!! - I was woken up by Ash and Bray super early!! and watched Incredibles for the first time!

10: 33 am - headed to NRH2O, a family geared waterpark, PERFECT for 4 year olds! Incase you were interested, here's a link: http://www.nrh2o.com/. The kids had SOOOOOOOOOOOOO much fun!! They played hard and really LOVED it!! They even got to go on (according to the website) the "world's longest uphill watercoaster" It was super fun!!! Brady kept saying "That's totally wicked" (let me remind you that he's 4!!!) All the people around us where cracking up at him!!!

2:41 pm - headed back to Kelly's so that Brady could get a nap in, while the rest of us showered up!

4:55 pm - took Ash and Brady to a pottery place where they each got to pick whatever they wanted to paint. It all turned out super cute!

6:48 - headed back to the house and packed a picnic to eat at the park. They swang on the tire swing, played baseball and ate a fun picnic! It was the perfect end to a perfectly fun day!

8:56 - got back to the house and Kelly and I were pooped, but the kids were still wired somehow. We started a movie for them, hoping it would calm them down, but hardly. By the time the movie ended they were still eager to play and run around. Finally, after much coaxing and bargaining we calmed them down and got them in bed around 10:30.

Saturday, July 9th:
9:00 am - apparently we had worn the kids out because they were able to sleep later that morning! We started gathering up all of the kids stuff and getting ready to return them to their rightful homes. After breakfast I ran to Walgreens and got all the pictures from the weekend developed so that the kids could take home a photo album and tell their parents everything about the trip!!!

12:14 - The kids and I rolled out of Arlington and headed South to drop them off at their homes!

Man, it was an awesome few days! I love having time with them, just to focus on them! They are always so excited and ready for the next thing! They are such a fun age right now, always saying funny things and cracking us up!! The only hard thing about spending so much time with them is that then I start to miss them even more, because I've gotten so used to seeing them!

Super Duper: I'm going down to Corpus on Thursday to spend more time with the fam!
Super Pooper: Stress at work!