Monday, October 14, 2013

All good things must come to an end :(

It has been so fun reliving the trip and sharing in the blogging with my girls! I'm kind of sad to see it come to an end. If you haven't kept up, here are the links to all other 11 posts.  This is the last post, sharing about our travel day home on Friday. 

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Part 11: Thursday {Last Day} by LA

We had worked really hard and because we had brought so much stuff for our friends, we managed to go from 8 checked bags on the way there to 5 on the way home, and from 4 carry ons to 3.  Of course none of us were excited to leave and have to say more good-byes.  We had to head out around 9 that morning because you never know what traffic will be like. C had secured a sweet ride for us back to the airport. Jess is especially excited here, lol. 

Photo crossing the bridge from Asia to Europe. 

We had a little fun taking pics at the airport. Never too late to squeeze in some more photo bombing. Oh, and incase anyone is curious, it's probably not a good idea to shout, "photobomb" in the airport...just a guess ;)

Sad faces

Hard saying bye to this sweet face!

Checking in. 

C, the master of the photo bomb!

Way to jump in Jess!

Oh C, Brent & it again! Even E snuck in!

This trip was truly more than any of us could have expected or asked for. It was the sweetest time with sweet friends. The Lord blessed our time together and truly seemed to multiply our hours. I'll remember it forever. What a gift it was to all of us. 

The trip back was literally the longest day of our lives. 8 extra hours added in during our flight made for a 32 hr day. I think Brent won for watching the most movies on the plane. Here we are at the end of our journey.  Home, tired, but so thankful for an amazing trip of a lifetime. 

Thanks for following along!

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