Monday, June 02, 2008

...the first sleepless night...

I'm officially one week out from VBS and am apparently already not able to sleep. Note: it's 4am while I'm typing this.

I wouldn't say I'm stressed or nervous, just more anxious, and my mind is racing with things to do. Not that you care, and maybe more for my own sanity, but here's a list of the things running through my mind:

VBS related:
  • email Melissa
  • have Mallory (intern) gather VBS collection tubs
  • have Mallory sort out the Resource Center
  • have Mallory catch up on copies for teachers (like my delegation skills?)
  • enroll one last child that signed up late
  • un-enroll another child that I just found out isn't coming
  • mail out room assignments to every child
  • many many many other VBS items, that are already on a "to do" list at work

Non VBS related:

  • get a pair of Chaco sandals* for camp
  • get mani/pedi
  • pack and be ready for Lillian's out of Friday which means have ALL of VBS wrapped up by the time I leave work on Thursday
  • clean apartment since mom and 2 nephews get here next Sunday to stay the week of VBS
  • prepare for camp, read Judges

Like I said...posts may be few and far between this month...sorry!

Back to trying to sleep...

Super Duper: all the summer interns are here which makes for fun hang out times, going to eat together, etc.

Super Pooper: I had just caught up on my sleep from the all night lock-in on Friday night, and now I'm up at 4am?

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Abby said...

Sleepless nights are never fun! But should you have any more of these, it's the perfect time to call us! :) It's our lunch hour at 4:30. I could talk you right to sleep! Love ya!