Monday, April 06, 2009

Monday, March 16th, Day Eight

Last day in Puerto Rico :(

WARNING: This post isn't very exciting and doesn't have many great pictures, but for the sake of completion and documention, here are the events of our last day in Puerto Rico and traveling back to Texas.

Kelly & Brandon had an early flight out, but the rest of my family (that's 12 people total, including 5 kids that range from 1 - 7 years old!!!) were all on one flight at 4pm. That gave us just a few more hours by the pool before we headed out. So that's just what we did, well, most of us anyways. We packed up all of our stuff so that we were ready to roll out around 1:30 pm.

My mom & Katy had decided that they wanted to go back to Old San Juan for some last minute shopping for souvenirs. I can't say that I blamed them, but they were late leaving, which meant they would be late getting back, and we had a plane to catch! But whatev, the rest of us hit the pool for one last time...ah, heaven!

I don't actually have any pictures from this day, other than scenery. I walked around the pool area, getting pictures of how awesome it was. So, incase you couldn't tell from the rest of the pictures I've posted, here are a few. I really wish I had taken pictures of the amazing lobby, I think Kelly did, but I don't have those :(

Like I said, we had a flight to catch at 4. There were 12 of us plus luggage and 1 minivan, so my dad was going to be shuttling us to the airport (it was only about 7 mins away), plus we had to check the lugage, and my dad would have to return the rental car before we could all check in, so the first group needed to leave for the airport around 1:30. So around 12:15 those of us hanging by the pool went and got a bellboy to come get all of our luggage. Again, I wish I had a picture of how well that luggage cart was packed...TO THE MAX! It was incredible! We left the cart with the front desk and walked across the street to get some lunch at Chili's...hoping my mom, dad & Katy would be returning soon. Ok, so maybe I was a little tense about this, but I wasn't happy that they weren't back yet and that we had had to move ALL of the luggage without them.

Just after we had gotten our food they arrived, so Brady & Blake downed their lunch just in time to head to the airport with the first crew. About 20-25 mins later, we had finished lunch and my dad had returned to get the rest of us and the remaining luggage. He dropped us off at the airport to meet the rest of my family and went to return the rental car.

There was quite a line to check in and check your luggage, so Katy's family went ahead and got checked in, just to get through, and Katy hadn't eaten, so they went ahead through security. The rest of us had to wait for my dad though because all of our tickets were linked together and we couldn't check in without him being there. So, he finally arrives and joins us in line. I think this time we only had one bag that weighed more than 50lbs, which we were able to redistribute into other bags and were on our way.

We made it through security, each made a potty stop and sure enough as soon as we made it to our gate, they were boarding. Perfect timing!

Thankfully all of our seats were together. Basically the whole trip was musical chairs, getting kids to sleep, some watching movies, eating a late was busy, but relatively uneventful.

We made it back to Houston by around 8pm, had to get our mound of luggage and then wait for the shuttle to take us to the hotel where we had parked our cars for the week. It was after 9 before we got to the hotel, had to shuffle some stuff between all of the suitcases, get everyone in the right car, say our goodbyes and everyone on their way. I was the VERY VERY lucky in that I was already home, the rest of my family all had abt 3 hour drives! ugh! I was glad they all made it home safely!

And that my friends, is the end of the story. A wonderful marvelous fantastical amazingly memorable week to celebrate the marriage of my sister with my whole family in Puerto Rico!

Super Duper: found out today I might be going to Connecticut to do a VBS for kids whose parents will be on a retreat for church planting! Neat!

Super Pooper: don't feel good about my test today :(

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Elaine said...

I don't know if I've told you this before, but Connecticut is a little slice of Stars Hollow Heaven. I hope you get to do that!