Monday, April 13, 2009


Since most of my posts in March were dedicated to Puerto Rico, I realized I haven't told you what's been going on. So, since you've been dying to know, here's what's been going on:
  • school stress, what else is new? had a really hard test and a paper due last week. In the next 3 weeks I have 1 major research paper due, 2 book reports for books I haven't read yet, and 2 finals, plus catch up on my journaling for my "internship" (aka - my job) and a small paper to review my experience this semester...ugh!
  • this weekend I have VBS Director's Dinner on Friday night and VBS Teacher training on Saturday morning. Woohoo for working all weekend (especially when I need the weekends to do school stuff!!) I'll feel soooo much better once we get this done!
  • I had a lovely day yesterday for Easter with the Leforce's! This is the 3rd year they've invited me to join them since I have no family to spend Easter with. Dinner was super yummy!! It is always an eclectic group of people. The only slightly unpleasant part was when we started talking church issues and it got a little tense in the room. I mean, it was all informative and a healthy conversation, but it was a bit touchy and uncomfortable for a minute...ugh.
  • I did end up getting a new dress to wear to church yesterday. Yeah, I did some damage at Ann Taylor Loft. I would show you a picture, but I can't find the dress on the website and I didn't take a picture of me in the dress yesterday :(
  • My apartment is a mess. What else is new?
  • I am officially going to Connecticut to do VBS for kids whose parents are church planters and will be in sessions for a retreat. Should be fun!
  • I skipped class today!
  • I heart Dancing With The Stars!!!

I know that's not much, but that's all I got for now...

Oh, wait. If you're in google reader or something like that, click on over and check out my new background :)

Super Duper: already started one of my papers

Super Pooper: barely keeping my head above water

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Teresa said...

I like the blog design, it is easier to read with the white back ground! And I liked your dress Sunday too! :)